Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marco Island

Jordan and I just returned from a week long vacation in Marco Island, FL for the NFLPA meetings. Jordan had to attend meetings every morning until about 1pm, while I hung out with girlfriends and then we had the rest of the day to hang out together. This was my first trip away from Madison other than my weekend in Chicago (which she was with Jordan) and this time the kids stayed with my parents. I left my mom a bunch of frozen milk for Madison but I didn't have enough stored up for the whole week and since she WILL NOT take formula (even if its mixed with my milk) our pediatrician had her do 2 big bottles of my milk and then sippy cups of organic whole milk at her meals while I was away. I was nervous about her not taking whole milk either so I started the process the week before we left to make sure she would actually take it. We dropped down to 2 nursings (morning and bedtime) and then did sippy cups at meals and she did great! Sucked it right down! Whew that was a major stressor resolved! Off to Marco Island with my man!

When we landed in Ft. Meyer a baby gator was on the runway we had to wait for him to cross :)

Welcome Dinner
Where I spent my week ;)

SO relaxing

We rented wave runners one afternoon which was a lot of fun! We had a good group out there with us and it was really choppy which made for some great jumps! After just 30 minutes we were tired from all the jumping! Jordan was sore for 2 days after that!
Daily naps in the shade on the beach. PERFECT

Out to dinner with friends Linde and Aaron Kampman
Ebony (pregnant with twins!) and Rashean Mathis
Aaron, Rashean and Jordan are the Jaguar reps
Casino night (risk free gambling) they gave us each $5,000 of monopoly money. We finished with just over $80,000 in just 2 hours! We gave it to Rudy and called it a night early and he ended up winning the door prize!
In years past this meeting was in Maui. They changed locations this year to save money (because of the economy and because of the lockout). The location was beautiful and I hardly noticed a difference except for these little guys EVERYWHERE! Here we are in line for the bathroom...LOL
Either people in Maui don't know the players are there or they just don't care but the fans here were crazy excited! We felt like we were in a fish bowl the whole week but we still had a lot of fun!
One night we all went to the local comedy club to hear Jim Breuer live. Oh my I have never laughed so hard at a comedy club and I have been to MANY. He WAS HILARIOUS. He was staying at our hotel too (along with Jack Nicholson...not together... just in addition to)
After a week away we were well rested and ready to see our babies! This is us at the farewell dinner.
Home at last! Nana snuggling our baby girl! It was soooo good to see her!
Hunter looked like he grew a foot. He was so cute when he first saw me he just threw his arms around my neck and let me hold him for about 10 minutes. THE BEST EVER.

Goodbye hugs
Playing with Pop before we left
It was such a good week to spend with Jordan and our friends. A mommy break is something that is definitely needed but equally hard to do! It takes a few days to realize I only have to worry about me and what I am gonna wear, eat and sleep etc. Then I start to get used to it and bask in the moment for a day or 2 then I begin to ache for the kids. Just to smell their heads and kiss their cheeks! Jordan and I both just LONGED for them the last 2 days we were there. We kept watching old videos on our phones and looking at pictures. It was a great week and I came back refreshed, tan, and ready to hit the ground running!

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