Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Full time walking and Ears pierced

Monday was a big day for Madison, she got her ears pierced! I had planned on doing it a little earlier and wanted to time it up with a well baby visit. (her pediatrician did the piercing) but with our move, and her being sick so much, the time just got away from me. After returning from Marco Island I really had the bee in my bonnet to get it done because I knew my window was coming to a close (it's best to do it between 3-12 months if you are going to do it as a baby).

Hunter, Maddie and I loaded up with suckers and snacks and headed to the doctor Monday morning. After an HOUR wait (I really should have picked a day other than a Monday morning) we were finally called back. They took her temp and her weight (19.6 pounds) and double checked her ears to see if her previous ear infection was gone. One of her ears still wasn't cleared up so she had to start a 3rd round of antibiotics. The pediatrician said if this didn't clear it up we would have to take her to an ENT for possible tubes.

She decided to still do the piercing and Madison did great! She was more upset about being held down on her back (this girl does not like to be on her back) than the actual piercing. As soon as they let her sit back up I popped a sucker in her mouth and she was happy as a clam! Oh and she LOVED the sucker! Can ya tell?!

Her first sucker right after her ear piercing (you can still see the redness on her ears from the clamps)
They haven't bothered her at all, it's as if nothing is different
She has also progressed to be a walker that sometimes crawls rather than a crawler that sometimes walks.


Amber said...

So cute, I love it. Robbie wont let me do Kaitlyn's so I guess I'll just enjoy looking at Madison's for the next few years :) Glad she did so well. And she looks like a great walker, we are so proud of you Maddie!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! She looks like Audrey or visa versa :)