Friday, March 4, 2011

Catch Up

I am a little behind on the ole blog but we have been BUSY! I am doing my best to keep up. Here is a little catch up over the last few weeks. To start we moved back to Texas! 2 cars, a boat a motorcycle a Uhaul and a POD later and we arrived on the 19th of February with 3 out of 4 of us sick with the swine flu. I started off the trip totally fine. Somewhere in the middle of New Orleans it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could not drive any further (we were in separate cars) I pulled into a Walgreens take care clinic and tested positive for Type A flu and got a prescription for Tamilfu and 800mg Ibuprofen for the aches and pains. An hour after my first dose I felt strong enough to continue on the drive...not good at all but good enough to keep driving.

The kids did great on the drive considering they were sick too, they both had been sick for over a week with the Type A flu. Hunter was almost over it and Maddie seemed to be getting better but wasn't near well yet. Maddie rode with me so I could stop and nurse her when I needed to and Hunter rode with Jordan so they could stop for Hunter's potty breaks. It worked great this way because we each only had to stop half the times and we stayed within a few min of each other the whole way!

My first time to tow something in the ole Denali...look at that awesome gas mileage. It does in fact say 7 miles per gallon. Awesome.
In my packing craze I somehow packed up all of Hunter's shoes in the Uhaul or the POD (not sure which). The only thing I left out were his house shoes which he ended up having to wear the whole each and every gas station, restaurant and hotel we went to. Classy.

When we finally made it to the Houston we decided to take Madison in to Urgent care because she was getting worse. Her fever spiked again and she was 10 days into having the flu. They did not put her on Tamiflu because of her age so she had it the worst of all us. At the urgent care center we learned that she had a TERRIBLE double ear infection. They started her on antibiotics (which did nothing to her infection) so a week later we went to her pediatrician and got round 2 of antibiotics. We find out soon if that did the trick.

Poor baby was miserable. She fell asleep on me in the waiting room (I only went to urgent care because it was a Sunday night and I hadn't transferred her info to our new pediatrician yet)
So because we arrived to Houston sick we were pretty much secluded for a week from all our friends here. We have some very sweet and thoughtful friends that brought us dinner 2 different nights since we were sick and had just moved in. Grant and Rachel Tonick and Brian and Lauren Simpson. Seriously SO thoughtful! Brian and Lauren have a newborn in their house so Brian and his brother-in-law brought us the food with a mask on and strict instructions not to shake our hands or touch. We could not help but laugh when they knocked on the door! Haha but we would have felt terrible if they had brought the germs home!

When Papa and Vivi got word that I was sick they immediately jumped in the car and drove down from Dallas. They arrived to Houston around the same time we did and literally took over for me. I was wiped out, seriously, SO EXHAUSTED. I went straight to bed and they took care of the kids and helped Jordan unload the Uhaul. Our house is on the market so we had to get unloaded quickly and try to keep the house as clean as possible in the process in case we got a call about a showing.

By the second day we were home I was feeling much better and able to do some stuff, but my energy level was not up to par. Rebekah came down to help on day 2 and day 3 and I am SO glad she did because I woke up on day 3 to a phone call about a showing in 2 hours! YIKES! The house was no where near ready. We still had boxes to unpack plus the kids running behind us making messes of everything we cleaned. She was a life savor. Jordan was already gone to workout when I got the call so she took the kids up to the playroom and played with them while I ran around for 2 hours trying to get everything done. We made it JUST in time and I could not have done it without her!

Finally, about a week after we arrived to Houston, we were all healthy. Lauren invited us over for dinner to meet their newest addition Blake and celebrate Hunter's 3rd birthday! Hunter and Sophie were both pretty excited about the birthday part!

Hunter's awesome new Monster truck!

Maddie's first ice cream cake

She loved it
The rest of the time we have been here we have just been enjoying all the family time! Jordan trains 5 days a week in the mornings while the kids and I go on walks, ride bikes and play outside. When he gets home I go workout during naptime and then we spend the rest of the day together as a family. I LOVE IT! Offseason is the best!

We were sad to leave the beach, especially just before Spring, but we have a pool here so we haven't missed the beach at all!
Hunter swims EVERY day.
Lunch poolside
Hot tub time!
Maddie's first dunk....she came up smiling. She is our little water baby, she has no fear! Hunter has a healthy respect for the pool...Maddie...NOT SO MUCH!!
So adorable these two
morning snuggles in Hunter's bed
Daddy multitasking. Did I mention I LOVE offseason!
My boys fishin'

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