Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Full time walking and Ears pierced

Monday was a big day for Madison, she got her ears pierced! I had planned on doing it a little earlier and wanted to time it up with a well baby visit. (her pediatrician did the piercing) but with our move, and her being sick so much, the time just got away from me. After returning from Marco Island I really had the bee in my bonnet to get it done because I knew my window was coming to a close (it's best to do it between 3-12 months if you are going to do it as a baby).

Hunter, Maddie and I loaded up with suckers and snacks and headed to the doctor Monday morning. After an HOUR wait (I really should have picked a day other than a Monday morning) we were finally called back. They took her temp and her weight (19.6 pounds) and double checked her ears to see if her previous ear infection was gone. One of her ears still wasn't cleared up so she had to start a 3rd round of antibiotics. The pediatrician said if this didn't clear it up we would have to take her to an ENT for possible tubes.

She decided to still do the piercing and Madison did great! She was more upset about being held down on her back (this girl does not like to be on her back) than the actual piercing. As soon as they let her sit back up I popped a sucker in her mouth and she was happy as a clam! Oh and she LOVED the sucker! Can ya tell?!

Her first sucker right after her ear piercing (you can still see the redness on her ears from the clamps)
They haven't bothered her at all, it's as if nothing is different
She has also progressed to be a walker that sometimes crawls rather than a crawler that sometimes walks.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Marco Island

Jordan and I just returned from a week long vacation in Marco Island, FL for the NFLPA meetings. Jordan had to attend meetings every morning until about 1pm, while I hung out with girlfriends and then we had the rest of the day to hang out together. This was my first trip away from Madison other than my weekend in Chicago (which she was with Jordan) and this time the kids stayed with my parents. I left my mom a bunch of frozen milk for Madison but I didn't have enough stored up for the whole week and since she WILL NOT take formula (even if its mixed with my milk) our pediatrician had her do 2 big bottles of my milk and then sippy cups of organic whole milk at her meals while I was away. I was nervous about her not taking whole milk either so I started the process the week before we left to make sure she would actually take it. We dropped down to 2 nursings (morning and bedtime) and then did sippy cups at meals and she did great! Sucked it right down! Whew that was a major stressor resolved! Off to Marco Island with my man!

When we landed in Ft. Meyer a baby gator was on the runway we had to wait for him to cross :)

Welcome Dinner
Where I spent my week ;)

SO relaxing

We rented wave runners one afternoon which was a lot of fun! We had a good group out there with us and it was really choppy which made for some great jumps! After just 30 minutes we were tired from all the jumping! Jordan was sore for 2 days after that!
Daily naps in the shade on the beach. PERFECT

Out to dinner with friends Linde and Aaron Kampman
Ebony (pregnant with twins!) and Rashean Mathis
Aaron, Rashean and Jordan are the Jaguar reps
Casino night (risk free gambling) they gave us each $5,000 of monopoly money. We finished with just over $80,000 in just 2 hours! We gave it to Rudy and called it a night early and he ended up winning the door prize!
In years past this meeting was in Maui. They changed locations this year to save money (because of the economy and because of the lockout). The location was beautiful and I hardly noticed a difference except for these little guys EVERYWHERE! Here we are in line for the bathroom...LOL
Either people in Maui don't know the players are there or they just don't care but the fans here were crazy excited! We felt like we were in a fish bowl the whole week but we still had a lot of fun!
One night we all went to the local comedy club to hear Jim Breuer live. Oh my I have never laughed so hard at a comedy club and I have been to MANY. He WAS HILARIOUS. He was staying at our hotel too (along with Jack Nicholson...not together... just in addition to)
After a week away we were well rested and ready to see our babies! This is us at the farewell dinner.
Home at last! Nana snuggling our baby girl! It was soooo good to see her!
Hunter looked like he grew a foot. He was so cute when he first saw me he just threw his arms around my neck and let me hold him for about 10 minutes. THE BEST EVER.

Goodbye hugs
Playing with Pop before we left
It was such a good week to spend with Jordan and our friends. A mommy break is something that is definitely needed but equally hard to do! It takes a few days to realize I only have to worry about me and what I am gonna wear, eat and sleep etc. Then I start to get used to it and bask in the moment for a day or 2 then I begin to ache for the kids. Just to smell their heads and kiss their cheeks! Jordan and I both just LONGED for them the last 2 days we were there. We kept watching old videos on our phones and looking at pictures. It was a great week and I came back refreshed, tan, and ready to hit the ground running!

Friday, March 4, 2011

10 months old

Madison is 10 months old! What a busy busy month it has been. Poor baby has been sick 3.5 out of 4 weeks of this month and she has still managed to be the easiest baby on the planet. My mom (Nana) says Madison is exactly how I was as a baby. Low maintenance and always in a good mood. Despite having the swine flu for 3 weeks and a double ear infection for 3 weeks (not the same 3 weeks but they did overlap) she has done remarkably well. She spent most of the month on some sort of antibiotic and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the 2nd round has actually done the trick on those ear infections.

New things for month 9:

I already posted that she took her first step on her 9 month birthday and she has just been going and going ever since!

She walks up to about 10 steps at a time, usually from one furniture piece to the next but sometimes she just stands up in the middle of the room and starts walking. It will be no time before she is a full time walker. Right now its about 75% crawling, 25% walking.

She is a climber. I really thought she wouldn't be because Hunter was showing his interest in climbing long before his interest in walking or crawling. BUT every baby is different. She crawled, climbed then walked. And now she cannot be stopped! She climbs on EVERYTHING.
She actually walks the best when she is carrying something. Here she is at one of her many doctor visits this month trying to carry my purse. Starting Early!
Aunt Beekah came down to help us get moved in to our Houston house. This is too cute...Maddie after her bath with her crazy hair
She loves to try to keep up with Hunter. She will stand up and grab on to the back of his shirt and try to walk with him.
Madison and Hunter both love to be outside. We take a walk a few times a day around the neighborhood or to the lake across the street. Hunter likes to throw rocks and sticks in it and also fish with daddy. Maddie hangs out with me on the park bench.
Maddie on a dinner date with her friend Nolan.
(Nolan is Grant and Rachel's son who is the same age as Madison)
Madison is wearing 12 month clothes (because of her height) but she is still slim (for her height) on the scale. Last time she was checked she was 18.6 pounds. She has 6 teeth and wears size 4 diapers. She went off her Zantac this month and it appears as though her reflux has resolved!

She still nurses 4 times per day. 7a, 11a, 3p, 6p and sleeps 12-13 hours a night 6:30pm-7:00am. She takes 2 naps a day (on most days). Usually one at 9:00am-10:30am and then again from 12:30-2:30pm. Some days she has a shorter second nap and needs a 3rd nap to get her through the afternoon. But for the most part she has eliminated the 3rd nap.

She is on table food and loves to eat! I still keep baby jars of veggies around because it easier sometimes (when traveling) to make sure she gets her veggies in. Her favorite things to eat are blueberries, rasberries, grapes, waffles, cereal, yogurt, cheese, ham, turkey, corn, broccoli, peanut butter crackers, and ritz crackers.

She drinks independently out of sippy cup and LOVES to be in control of that. We haven't tried a straw sippy cup yet but she tilts her head back enough for a regular sippy so for now we are sticking with that.

She has started saying more words. The only ones she has used appropriately are momma and dadda. But she will mimic other words like Nana and ball and various other sounds when she hears them. She will also sing her words. If we sing to her she kind of joins in saying her sounds in a sing song way.

Her favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse, which we learned on one of our many long road trips this offseason. She is happy as can be with a sippy cup in hand and Mickey Mouse on the Ipad (or momma's iphone in hand. SHE LOVES THE IPHONE). When she sees it across the room she gets this super excited look on her face and makes a beeline across the room to get it.

We have enjoyed every moment God has blessed us with our beautiful little girl. We love you Madison!

Weekend in Dallas

Last weekend we went to Dallas to see the family and attend the wedding of one of Jordan's best friends from college. Our families had not gotten to celebrate Hunter's 3rd birthday with him since we were moving on his birthday and 3/4 of us had the swine flu. I felt bad that we didn't get to do a "real" birthday party for Hunter, given the circumstances, but this worked out well anyway because he has had 4 mini parties! By the end of the weekend he fully expected every meal to end in him blowing out candles to the happy birthday song!

We had a cousins party at Nana's and Hunter got some cool new cars from the movie Cars as well as some cool new summer outfits.

So excited about his cupcake

Madison had her first piece of cake. A little practice for her cake smash in a few months. Needless to say she loved it.

They enjoyed playing with their cousins for the weekend. Noah and Chloe are both SO good with her.
Love this little outfit from aunt Beekah. Purple is my favorite color on Madison.

Hunter also got to have another mini party with Papa, Vivi, Beekah and James at the Cheesecake factory.
So excited about that candle. He also sang happy birthday to himself.
Maddie and Papa
Maddie and Vivi
Daniel and Sarah Novakov's wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Jordan was one of the groomsmen and it was definitely an entertaining weekend!
Ashley Robin and me
Jordan, Daniel Novakov and Casey Robin

Jordan, Jim Molinaro and Julius Jones
Always entertaining to get this Notre Dame crew together!

Catch Up

I am a little behind on the ole blog but we have been BUSY! I am doing my best to keep up. Here is a little catch up over the last few weeks. To start we moved back to Texas! 2 cars, a boat a motorcycle a Uhaul and a POD later and we arrived on the 19th of February with 3 out of 4 of us sick with the swine flu. I started off the trip totally fine. Somewhere in the middle of New Orleans it hit me like a ton of bricks. I could not drive any further (we were in separate cars) I pulled into a Walgreens take care clinic and tested positive for Type A flu and got a prescription for Tamilfu and 800mg Ibuprofen for the aches and pains. An hour after my first dose I felt strong enough to continue on the drive...not good at all but good enough to keep driving.

The kids did great on the drive considering they were sick too, they both had been sick for over a week with the Type A flu. Hunter was almost over it and Maddie seemed to be getting better but wasn't near well yet. Maddie rode with me so I could stop and nurse her when I needed to and Hunter rode with Jordan so they could stop for Hunter's potty breaks. It worked great this way because we each only had to stop half the times and we stayed within a few min of each other the whole way!

My first time to tow something in the ole Denali...look at that awesome gas mileage. It does in fact say 7 miles per gallon. Awesome.
In my packing craze I somehow packed up all of Hunter's shoes in the Uhaul or the POD (not sure which). The only thing I left out were his house shoes which he ended up having to wear the whole each and every gas station, restaurant and hotel we went to. Classy.

When we finally made it to the Houston we decided to take Madison in to Urgent care because she was getting worse. Her fever spiked again and she was 10 days into having the flu. They did not put her on Tamiflu because of her age so she had it the worst of all us. At the urgent care center we learned that she had a TERRIBLE double ear infection. They started her on antibiotics (which did nothing to her infection) so a week later we went to her pediatrician and got round 2 of antibiotics. We find out soon if that did the trick.

Poor baby was miserable. She fell asleep on me in the waiting room (I only went to urgent care because it was a Sunday night and I hadn't transferred her info to our new pediatrician yet)
So because we arrived to Houston sick we were pretty much secluded for a week from all our friends here. We have some very sweet and thoughtful friends that brought us dinner 2 different nights since we were sick and had just moved in. Grant and Rachel Tonick and Brian and Lauren Simpson. Seriously SO thoughtful! Brian and Lauren have a newborn in their house so Brian and his brother-in-law brought us the food with a mask on and strict instructions not to shake our hands or touch. We could not help but laugh when they knocked on the door! Haha but we would have felt terrible if they had brought the germs home!

When Papa and Vivi got word that I was sick they immediately jumped in the car and drove down from Dallas. They arrived to Houston around the same time we did and literally took over for me. I was wiped out, seriously, SO EXHAUSTED. I went straight to bed and they took care of the kids and helped Jordan unload the Uhaul. Our house is on the market so we had to get unloaded quickly and try to keep the house as clean as possible in the process in case we got a call about a showing.

By the second day we were home I was feeling much better and able to do some stuff, but my energy level was not up to par. Rebekah came down to help on day 2 and day 3 and I am SO glad she did because I woke up on day 3 to a phone call about a showing in 2 hours! YIKES! The house was no where near ready. We still had boxes to unpack plus the kids running behind us making messes of everything we cleaned. She was a life savor. Jordan was already gone to workout when I got the call so she took the kids up to the playroom and played with them while I ran around for 2 hours trying to get everything done. We made it JUST in time and I could not have done it without her!

Finally, about a week after we arrived to Houston, we were all healthy. Lauren invited us over for dinner to meet their newest addition Blake and celebrate Hunter's 3rd birthday! Hunter and Sophie were both pretty excited about the birthday part!

Hunter's awesome new Monster truck!

Maddie's first ice cream cake

She loved it
The rest of the time we have been here we have just been enjoying all the family time! Jordan trains 5 days a week in the mornings while the kids and I go on walks, ride bikes and play outside. When he gets home I go workout during naptime and then we spend the rest of the day together as a family. I LOVE IT! Offseason is the best!

We were sad to leave the beach, especially just before Spring, but we have a pool here so we haven't missed the beach at all!
Hunter swims EVERY day.
Lunch poolside
Hot tub time!
Maddie's first dunk....she came up smiling. She is our little water baby, she has no fear! Hunter has a healthy respect for the pool...Maddie...NOT SO MUCH!!
So adorable these two
morning snuggles in Hunter's bed
Daddy multitasking. Did I mention I LOVE offseason!
My boys fishin'