Friday, February 11, 2011

Jordan's Birthday weekend

Jordan's 31st birthday was spent at home just the 4 of us. We had one of his favorite meals for dinner, taco's, followed by some yummy homemade chocolate sheet cake. This was actually Madison's first bite of cake ever!

she has no idea what's in store
Hunter gets so excited for birthdays. He loves party hats, cake and candles.
Jordan had mentioned a while back he needed a coller-less jacket for when he rides his Harley, among some other small gear for riding, so the kids and I stocked him up with some gear!

scary face mask!

Maddie was cracking up at the boys
Jordan had the opportunity to go duck hunting with Matt Allen on his birthday weekend. I know how much he loves to duck hunt with Matt so I was happy to swap Sara for the weekend. She and Jax came here to hang out while Jordan and Matt hung out and hunted all weekend. He actually left on his birthday so we celebrated a little early.

We always have fun when Sara and Jax come. The older the boys get the more their age gap seems to close so they especially had fun together on this trip.

We took the kids for a walk everyday because it was beautiful outside!

Maddie snugglin wih Sara

going down the slide together
throwing rocks in the pond

It's always nice to have Sara and Jax in town especially when they are filling the hole of daddy being gone! I really don't like being home overnight when Jordan is out of town so I LOVE it when we get to do a trade! Can't wait till next time!

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