Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Hunter (a few days early)

Hunter will be 3 in just 2 short days and all I can think is where does the time go?

We spent this evening, our last of 2 in Jacksonville, looking through old videos on my phone. The videos go back to when he was around 15 months old. I can still hear that sweet voice as he said his favorite phrase "whas at".

The time goes by way to quickly and while I get excited about his new independence a part of me gets sad to think he is growing up so fast. The last 3 years have been the absolute best years of my life. Becoming a mom has been the biggest blessing of my lifetime, second only to marrying my soulmate. Nothing compares to the love a parent has for their children. Nothing. For the first time I feel like I can understand, to a degree, the kind of love God has for us as his children. Simply Amazing.

Hunter is an awesome little boy. We of course think so but we are also told that by others regularly. He has such a big personality. I could see bits of it in his first year of life when he was super picky and particular about certain aspects of his daily routine. He is either 100% the happiest kid in the room, or he is having an all out melt down. He is very routine oriented and loves to be able to predict the next event. But at the same time he LOOOOOOOOVES a change up. He often asks if we can "go do fun stuff". Translation, go to the park, ride bikes, go fishing, play with friends, run errands etc. Basically "fun stuff" is anything out of the house.

He is ALL boy. Loves Loves Loves cars. Everywhere we go he asks me "mommy is that a fast car?". One of his favorite things is to watch you tube videos of fast cars racing. He has a big collection of cars, many of which have names. He has an unbelievable memory, no doubt passed down from Jordan, because he knows if a car is missing and can usually remember the last place he saw it. Impressive considering he has somewhere between 30-40 cars in his current collection.

He is surprisingly verbal for his age and gender. He LOVES to talk about anything. Our favorite thing to do is have him just tell us a story or ask him what his favorite....fill in the blank. He can go on forever. Sometimes I have to designate quiet time to give my ears a rest :)

Words and phrases he often mispronounces:
Crazberries (rasberries)
Choplot (Ketchup)
I'm too heavy (what he says if he can't do something I asked him to do)
I'm too tall (if he's too short to reach something)
I'm too fit (if he's too big to fit into a small space)
Achine (sound machine)
Tri-ci-cycle (tricycle)

He is a very clean eater. He gets upset if his hands get dirty or he spills something while he is eating. He CANNOT go on with the meal until the mess is taken care of. I actually first noticed this about him when he was just a baby. He freaked out during his cake smash at his first birthday because he didn't want to be dirty and have cake all over his hands. Also, if he sees a lot of stuff on the floor he will say "mommy look at all this mess".

He is a quality time and words of affirmation kid. He SOAKS up positive reinforcement. When we tell him something good that he did he will either silently nod his head yes or he will say "that's right" with the sweetest most innocent look on his face. It's so cute!

He loves to entertain people. He is his father's child! He craves to be the center of attention and when he gets it he is fun and full of personality and spunk. He loves to wrestle especially with daddy but he will settle for momma or Maddie too.

Hunter, you bring so much joy and laughter to our lives. We cannot imagine life without you. You are such blessing from God and we thank HIM for everyday we get to spend with you. We love you.

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