Thursday, January 6, 2011

Houston weekend

This past weekend the kids and I, and our babysitter Kim, hopped on a plane to Houston to see Jordan's final regular season game. The playoff hopes were still alive. All we had to do was win this game, and have the Colts loose to the Titans, and we would have home field advantage for the playoffs and be division champs! Because of the hype of the game they moved it to the afternoon time slot (3:15pm). We flew in Saturday afternoon and met Dre, who drove in from San Antonio, at our house just before dinner. Our house has been on the market for the past year but with no bites. We took if off the market last week, made some changes and are putting back on the market this weekend with the hopes of selling quickly! It was so nice to be back in our "home" with all of our stuff. I didn't realize how much I miss our stuff until I saw it.

Sunday morning (game day) we rolled out of bed and went over to Brian and Lauren's for breakfast and a play date. Hunter and Sophie had fun playing while Madison spent the morning napping upstairs. Lauren is 38 weeks pregnant with their 2nd, Blake, he is due to arrive any day now! We were so glad to be able to see them and catch up. We miss them!

Lauren is from Indiana so she comes from a huge family of COLTS fans! Sophie was dressed in her Colts attire while our kiddos were all Jags baby!
Hunter and Sophie played with her new dollhouse that she got for Christmas

Meanwhile, Nana, Pop, Beekah and Vivi were on their way down from Dallas. They arrived just before nap time so they were able to get some play time in with the kids before we left for the game.
Hunter loves tackling Pop

Hunter doing what he does best...making Maddie laugh

Beekah working on that "hook em horns" with Hunter. He calls it "cook em corns" and usually give us the bird, instead of the horn.

Group pic before we left for the game (the kids stayed behind with Kim)
We all had to split up for the game since we bought the tickets at the last minute. But we had great seats.

Unfortunately we lost. Such a bummer to finish out the year with no playoff run. We had great seats for some awesome pictures but I totally set my shutter speed too slow so most of them came out blurry...and I failed to check them as I was taking them, so I didn't notice until afterwards. So the only good pics I got where when they were motionless.

However I was able to capture this awesomeness... total domination...LOVE IT!

It was weird to be in the Texans stadium and be on the visiting team.

We were all scattered throughout the stadium during the game in groups of 4's but we met up afterwards for a group picture before we went down to see Jordan.
Final game of the year pic with the Meesters

Such mixed emotions. Ready to have him home for a while but sad to see the season ending without a playoff run.
I love it...always a Posse :-)
Since the season ended in Houston, the kids and I cancelled our return flights to Florida and drove back to Dallas with the family. Jordan went back with the team for exit physicals and then loaded up the truck and drove 17 hours to Dallas. We are gonna hang here for a while and get some family time in and then make our way back to Florida in a few weeks.
The kids did great on the 5 hour trip to Dallas on Monday. They are just excited they get to play with their cousins for a while!

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