Monday, January 17, 2011


After the last game we drove up to Dallas and spent around 2 weeks soaking up some family time. We spent a week at each grandparents house so the kiddos could get their fair share of lovin' from each side.

The first week was at my parents. Hunter and Maddie had so much fun with their cousins. This was where Maddie first stood on her own, she always seems to accomplish those kinds of things when she is around older kids...perhaps attempting to be like them?

Maddie playing with Nana on the floor
Tickles from Pop
Hunter loves to wrestles with Pop
and playing cars with Nana
It snowed!
We were not prepared for snow so I had to get creative with Hunter's snow gear. PJ's, my Uggs, Nana's hat and gloves, and Noah's jacket. Hey, whatever works right?! He loved it.
Maddie's first snow
Happiest baby on the planet
She loves daisy
and her aunt Haylo
A trip to the grocery store with Nana...moments like this make me wish Nana lived in the same city as us! Wow it makes shopping so much easier with 2 :)
Bath time with the cousins...Maddie was already in bed
ADDICTED to all things electronics these kids....notice Maddie can hold her own.
Her cousins love her
On to Papa and Vivi's for a week....Jordan and Hunter snuggling on the couch

Hunter baking cookies (his fav) with Vivi

Sporting his new apron he got for Christmas (Maddie has one too)

Breakfast with Beekah and James

Vivi's kisses

Playing with Papa
Pillow fight with Vivi (Hunter LOVED this)

AND we met Hailey Benton for the first time!
It was a great trip and always so fun to spend time with our families. After this we loaded up the truck and began our 18 hour trip back to Florida...but first a stop in Alabama for a few days so Jordan could hunt and I could hang out with girlfriends!

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Christine said...

I love all of these sweet pictures of the kiddos in Dallas! It looks like you guys had a great time with your families.