Monday, January 31, 2011


We have been very blessed to have easy kids in the sleep department, and by blessed I don't mean lucky. I am so incredibly protective of my kids sleep because I know how important good consolidated sleep is for growth, development, behavior and health in young children. Jordan and I worked very hard from the beginning at establishing healthy sleep habits for our kids. I have many resources on this very topic but my 2 favorite are "Babywise" and "Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child".

We have always made sleep a priority in this house and therefore we have reaped the benefits! Both of our kids love their rooms and beds and rarely put up a protest to go to sleep at an early bedtime. Not only is it healthy for them but it is healthy for Jordan and I as a couple, and individually as parents, to have some downtime. I thoroughly enjoy my kids and love playing with them and often look forward to when they will wake up. But in order for me to be a good mom and a good wife, I MUST have some kid free time to decompress during the day and at night before I go to bed.

Hunter will be 3 in less than 3 weeks, which is hard to believe! In the past few months he has started negotiating. We let him take cars to bed with him to play with as he winds down and also when he first wakes up. When he wakes up he is content to stay in his bed until I come get him, wether its 10 minutes or 45 because that is how we have always done it. Recently he has started asking about day vs night and sun vs moon. Jordan taught him that when the sun goes down the moon comes up and it's bedtime and that when the sun comes up the moon goes down and it's time to get up! He uses this to help himself tell time. When I come get him in the morning (usually around 8am) he tells me "mommy the suns up it's time to get up!" likewise at night he sometimes will try to negotiate staying up later to play with us by telling us "nope the sun is still up" even though it's pitch black outside. It's hard to resist that cuteness.

A few nights ago he randomly woke up at midnight, after having been asleep for 4 hours, and started playing in his bed. He hasn't woken in the middle of the night since he was a baby so it was strange. Jordan and I were just about to go to bed when we heard him in his bed talking and playing. I went up to his room, thinking maybe something was wrong, and when I walked in he said "hey mommy, I slept so good"! I said "I know buddy but it's still night time". I opened the curtain and showed him it was still dark outside and it was time to go back to bed. He said "but I slept so good!" I have so done this before....woken up in the middle of the night feeling so well rested that I've gotten up, assuming it was morning, only to find it's still the middle of the night. I am pretty sure that is exactly what happened to Hunter. He was so confused but because it was still dark outside he happily obliged and went back to sleep till morning.


Christine said...

Love this post! I really love the part about Hunter discovering the difference between night and day! He is so adorable, that just melts my heart!

BrookeMahan said...

We have always been the same way with sleep in our house. We also love Babywise and Owen has always obliged with nap and bedtime and waited for us to come get him (minus the one day last week when he got out of bed twice ; ) ). Now if we could just get sweet Alex feeling good so he will sleep through the night!!