Saturday, January 22, 2011


We almost made it to Birmingham (from Dallas) in 1 day but we ended up stopping about 2 hours outside of Birmingham for the night. The kids did great on the trip but since we had a newly potty trained 2 yo and an 8 month old that nurses every 4 hours the trip took an extra 2 hours than we planned with all the extra stops!

Nevertheless, we arrived in one piece after our first extended (more than 5 hours) roadtrip. Jordan stayed out at the hunting land with the guys. Smiley, Considine, and Buck (and a few others) and Nicole and Missy and I stayed at the Smiley's house with the kids.

We had fun just hanging out at the house most of the time but we did venture out to the Children's museum one day.

Hunter LOVES fish tanks. He and Maddie could not be pulled away from this one without a fight!
Maddie played in the baby area while the older kids roamed the museum (we were the only ones there)
Caden and Hunter... goin' fishin'
Nicole and Caden
Hunter really liked this little apparatus

Justin came home one night for a little bit and all the boys had fun jumping all over and playing with him.
The older boys...Justin (3), Caden (3), Hunter (almost 3)
Everyone asks if these two are twins
Justin really liked Maddie, he was so sweet with her, constantly giving her kisses.
Missy snuggling Maddie
All aboard! Missy taking them for a ride on the ottoman train (Jet, Justin, Caden and Hunter)
It was fun to be able to spend time with them before the offseason began. Jordan had a great time and actually got what he wanted before the week was over so we left a day early! We were ready to get back home after 3 weeks away! We loaded the kids up and got on the road, stopped the night in Atlanta and then drove into Jacksonville the next day.

Hunter and Maddie at the hotel breakfast

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