Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This past Friday morning we loaded up and flew to Nashville for the weekend. Jordan had a game against the Titans on Sunday and since they are in our division this has become an annual trip for us to see him play and spend time with good friends! My cousin Christine (Kiki) had her first baby boy back in August so this was my first chance to actually get to meet him too!

The kids did great on the flight
Morning flights are ALWAYS the best option when flying with kiddos :-)

Madison took her morning nap in my arms on the plane
We stayed at Christine and Phillip's house this time so I could get all the Brody snuggles I wanted
He is such a sweet little baby

Dre flew in a few hours after we did and she picked up right where she left off with my two...they ADORE her.

Madison also got a lot of extra snuggles from Sara and Amy
This was Amy's first time to meet Madison too
Hunter had fun playing with Amy
because she played catch with him as much as he wanted!
All the girls together again. We figured out it's been 6 years since all 5 of us have been together at the same time!
playtime on the floor
Hunter has a new favorite uncle....Phillip was by far the most popular this weekend!
We had a hard time snapping a picture of them side by side because Madison kept trying to crawl on top of him
Madison helped herself to Brody's face and mouth

Hunter loves playing with Kiki

morning snuggles are the best

Hunter was really sweet to Brody
It snowed all day on Sunday! Hunter got to play in his first (and probably only) snow of the season. He was trying to lick it.

Hunter and Madison got all dressed up for the game but they stayed at home with our babysitter, Kim, since it was in the 20's and snowing!

We had great seats at the game. We sat right behind Jordan's bench on the 2nd and 5th rows, which made for some good photos!

Jordan played a great game and we won!

We also had some great entertainment sitting around us. This guy was dancing with his Buick hubcab/spinner.

Halftime group picture

Big group picture after the game

You can see the snow a little in this picture
The whole group with Jordan

We snapped this on the bridge on our way back to the car after the game. It was incredibly windy and cold up there!

Warming up and getting some post game snuggles in with my babies
Hunter was pretty excited to see Phillip

He ran around wearing Christine's hat
and played hide and seek with Phillip
All the cousins together (Brody 3 months, Hunter 2.5, Madison 7 months)
Monday morning we got all bundled up and ready to go home and see daddy!

Almost there!
It was such a fun weekend and we can't wait to do it again next year!

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