Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rach and Drew

This weekend Rachel and Drew came to Jacksonville to hang out and go to the Jags/Oakland game. This is the first time that they have both been able to come visit us since we were married! Rachel is my oldest friend dating back to the 3rd grade. She and I were completely inseparable in high school and we started off at different colleges but she ended up transferring to Harding which is where she met my good friend Drew! It was such a wonderful weekend to be able to spend so much time with them. We haven't hung out like this since college! She even brought us some awesome news that they are expecting their first (a boy) next year! I am so excited to see them be parents!

We took the kids to see a live Nativity down the road from us. It was our first time to go and it was really impressive. They had camels and donkeys and bunnies. They basically had the town of Bethlehem set up out in the woods behind a church. It felt so real as we walked through, just like I would imagine it was in Jesus' day. They had a real baby for baby Jesus in a manger. Hunter liked the fire and the the bunny rabbit the best. He was not a fan of the bigger animals.

Keeping his distance from the camel

Up close and personal with the bunny

Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus (asleep in the manger)
The rest of the weekend looked like this...Hunter glued to Drew and the iPad.
We also took a very chilly trip to the beach
sweetest baby ever
Hunter had fun playing with Rach too
Madison got some snuggles in too

Drew introduced Hunter to you tube on the iPad. He found some race car videos and was having a blast watching them.

Sunday we went to the game. It was perfect weather despite looking a little overcast on our drive there.

Jordan had another great game

Most importantly we won!
I am so bummed I did not take a picture of us at the game :-( but we had a great weekend together and were so glad they came!

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