Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New York CIty

Jordan had a game against the Giants in NYC the weekend after Thanksgiving so we took advantage of it and made a weekend trip up there to see the game, shop and see some shows. We left Friday morning and returned Monday night. I left Hunter in Jacksonville with Aunt Rebekah, who flew in to take care of him for the weekend. Madison, our babysitter Kim, and I hopped on a plane bound for JFK. Papa and Vivi and Nana met us there around 3pm Friday and we checked in to the Waldorf. It was so beautiful in NY, everything was all decked out for Christmas. This was Nana's first trip to NYC so we were glad she got to come around Christmas time!

Waldorf Lobby

It was extremely cold compared to FL temperatures. We were all bundled up the whole weekend
Madison had her first NYC cab ride....they were exactly as I remembered so I was so glad she was safe and secure in her car seat!

The first night we went back to AJ Maxwell's steakhouse for dinner. It was just as good as I remember. We ate so much food the whole weekend that if it weren't for all the walking we would have all gained 5 pounds! But we literally walked from the moment we woke up until we crashed in bed at night so it all evened out it the end :-)

This was Madison's first steakhouse experience

and also her first time in restaurant highchair
After dinner we walked back to the hotel to drop Madison and Kim off so Madison could go to bed and we could go on to our Broadway show. We passed through times square on our way.

The first night we saw Wicked

It was an incredible show I highly recommend it! The production was amazing and I loved the story and the Characters.
The next morning we ate Starbucks in the hotel and headed out around 9:30 to Ground Zero and Grand Central Station. Madison enjoyed her breakfast in the stroller. I originally just fed her sitting on the floor but since she was mobile she kept crawling away from we improvised.
Did I mention how cold it was?! Madison was the warmest of all of us. She had a full body fleece jacket on and was in her car seat which was covered by another fleece blanket. She napped on and off in the car seat during he day (pretty close to her normal schedule although her naps were much shorter since her ride was pretty bumpy and loud). Most of the time I put her sound proof head phones on her which helped but the roads were extremely bumpy so it was like she was on a roller coaster. Next time I will bring the jogger stroller!

When she was awake we would rotate carrying her in the BJORN so she could look around. She got a lot of attention in the BJORN because of her cute little fleece outfit. The stroller was soooo nice to have so we could unload our purses and shopping bags on it when she wasn't in it.

They have made a lot of progress at ground zero since last year but they still have a long way to go. It's hard to believe it's been 9 years!
10 house

Next we went over to Grand Central Station because they have vendors set up at Christmas time.

Vivi and Nana bought Madison this cute little hat that turns into a purse when she outgrows it.
Then we caught a cab over to little italy for more shopping and lunch
We stayed pretty close to Madison Ave so we walked by it multiple times a day. I wanted to get a pic with Madison by the sign but I never did :-/

After a full day of shopping and sight seeing we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We ate at another steakhouse just a block away from the hotel and then dropped Madison and Kim off for the night so we could go see Promises Promises. It was very different from Wicked and the production wasn't nearly as Grand but it was also very good in its own way.

The next morning was game day. We woke up early and headed over to FAO SCHWARZ so we could be there when they opened since we were pressed for time. WOW I had no idea what an opening was like there! They rolled out the red carpet and the guards came out and hollered out some stuff and then they open the doors and everyone filed in and walked down the red carpet which was completely lined with every employee. They clapped and cheered us on as we walked in! What a greeting!

Nana and Vivi bought Hunter a gift there and we stocked up on candy for the game and then headed over to American Girl store where we got Madison her very first American Girl doll "itty bitty". Then we went back to the hotel to drop Madison and Kim off for her nap and so we could go to the game. We took a bus from the port authority to the game which was perfect for on the way there but on the way back it took us FOREVER to get back. Someone told us the way to go is actually the we will be doing that next time!

The game was in the New Meadowlands stadium which was being built when we were here last year. It was really nice. We had seats in the club level since we weren't sure what the weather would be like, that way if it was awful we could have gone inside to watch. The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect! It wasn't too cold at all! Best of all the seats we were in were padded just like a movie theatre, I thought that was pretty cool (and very comfortable)!

Jordan played a great game against a REALLY good defensive line. He played against Justin Tuck most of the game, who he actually went to Notre Dame with. He had such a good game!

We were winning most of the game and then at the very end they came back and beat us. But it was such a good and fun game to watch!
Family pic after the game

The next morning we got up and walked over to Central park. It was so pretty there we could have spent a lot of time there. I think next time we will take a carriage ride through it so we can see it all.
Me and Kim at Central Park
It was such a fun and full weekend! I was so glad I brought Madison with me. I was just not ready to leave her behind at only 6 months old. It worked out so well to have Kim there so we could put Madison down for bed at night at her normal time and still go to shows. We missed having Hunter with us but it would have been much more difficult, at his age, to drag him all over NYC. He had fun back home with Rebekah. She took him to the beach and to the park and did all the fun things that he loves to do. He really enjoyed the undivided attention from her. The only thing we missed in NY, that we wanted to see, was the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center. The ceremony occurred the night after we left. The tree was up and decorated when we were there but the lights weren't on. Bummer!

I pulled this pic off the internet of the night they lit the tree

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