Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

The Monday before Christmas the Smiley's had everyone over to their house for a party. We were suppose to be celebrating the Indy game, which was the day before, but since we lost we just enjoyed each others company in honor of the Christmas season. We had a great turnout. We were bummed the Jaguars didn't throw their annual Christmas party so this was suppose to be in it's place.

Christmas Eve we had our Traditional Christmas Eve Cheese Soup and Sausage Balls and opened Christmas PJ's and then went over to the Kampman's for cookies and cider and a visit from Santa! (aka Eugene Monroe). The kids were so excited to get to see Santa and open a present he brought them.

Look at all the boys in this group! Poor Madison is totally out numbered.
Lucas, Ben and Eli Kampman, Jonah, Elijah, Micah and Annah McCown, Justin Garrard, Caden Considine, Bella Miller, Gregg Jr. and Caden Jones and Hunter and Madison

Hunter kept a healthy distance for most of the night but had no problem going right up to Santa to get his present.

At the end of the night we sang happy birthday to Jesus
Jordan's family came in to town for the weekend and for the game on Sunday. Hunter was SOOOO excited to see them and play with them.

Hunter 2.5 and Madison 7 months
Sweet Madison's first Christmas

This Christmas was so fun to watch Hunter open presents and see him get excited about everything. He wanted to play with each toy the moment he opened it.

Madison got her first American Girl Doll for Christmas "itty bitty"
She rotated between giving the doll kisses and biting her face but either way she was really intrigued.
Dwayne was excited about his new iPad
Madison was worn out by this point and tried to just take a nap on Vivi. I moved her upstairs where she slept most of the morning.
Hunter loved his remote control car

Madison snugged Vivi and her baby doll

The living room looked like it was hit by a bomb!
Hunter LOVED his lego truck
Beekah excited to open her Keurig while James opened his google TV

I actually pulled off a total surprise on Jordan this year with a Mac Book Pro. He thought for sure it was a gun (which it has been every year for the last 5), so I was excited I was able to surprise him. He is usually quite the detective.
Jordan bought me a gorgeous ring! Which was a total surprise. He has unbelievable taste!
Hunter's main gift was a new Tricycle, which I actually bought in front of him last month. I did not realize at the time that Hunter was way past the age of being able to buy his gifts in front of him. He asked about his "new tricycle that's in the back of the car" every single day for at least 2 weeks" TOTAL FAIL on my part. So Christmas morning, after all the gifts had been opened, I called him over for one more gift. My favorite part was he ran around the corner, saw his tricycle, and said "oh there it is, I found my tricycle!"

We have had such a wonderful Christmas day celebrating with Jordan's family. We missed being with my family but were able to ship our gifts home to them in time for Christmas and then we skyped with them this morning. Jordan has had the whole day off until he has to be at the hotel at 7pm tonight for his game tomorrow. We have just lounged around the house all day and will be having roast, carrots, potatoes and chocolate pie for dinner. YUM!

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Sarah W. said...

Those are some familiar faces at the party :) so fun!

LOVE your ring!!! Jordan does have awesome taste!!! Love it!

Soooo fun looking thru your Christmas pics!!!!!