Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I wasn't originally planning on going to the Indy game because there are no direct flights from Jax to Indy and I don't know anyone who lives there (which has been one of my reasons for going to all the other away games except for NYC). I just didn't want to drag both of the kids with me and have to stay in a hotel and come back on Monday.

But, in the games leading up to Indy we won just enough of them to set up the Indy game as being the biggest and most important game of the season. If we beat Indy we were guaranteed to be Division champs and in the playoffs! So, I started looking into flights to fly in and out the same day that way I could leave the kids at home with our sitter. It was a LONG day but so much better than dragging the kids behind me for the whole weekend. I was up at 3:30am Sunday morning and got home at Midnight that night (Jordan was on the team flight so he was home by 9pm). My flights were all on time, which was my only concern, and I arrived at the stadium just in time to watch warmups.

It. Was. Freezing.
Thankfully the stadium has a roof! This was my first time back to Indy since the playoffs in 2006 when Jordan was with the Chiefs. That game was in the old stadium, so this was my first time in Lucas Oil.
I sat with Melissa, Jamie and Casey (Hayley's boyfriend who drove in for the game)
Jordan played a great game against DE Robert Mathis (who was just voted into another pro bowl for the 3rd time)
We were so excited about the game because we had field passes that Mrs. Del Rio gave us. We were going to run out on the field to celebrate with our guys after the game if we won!
Unfortunately, we lost. Which means our playoff hopes are no longer in our hands. In order to make it to the playoffs Indy has to loose one of their last 2 games and we have to beat the Texans in January.
The trip back home wasn't nearly as fun after the loss, but it was nice to have some company! We had a car pick us up after the game and take us back to the airport. Mary, her dad, Jamie and Melissa and I all flew back to Jax together. Even though we lost it was definitely worth the trip!
And even though it was a long day I definitely think flying in and out the same day is the way to go over dragging the kids with me for the whole weekend!

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