Monday, December 27, 2010

Hemangioma update

We braved the 34 degree Florida temperatures this morning to take Madison to the Cardiologist for her hemangioma checkup.

They did their usual rundown of tests, which all came back perfect as usual since she doesn't have a heart condition. Dr. English was more than impressed with how well the Propranolol treated her hemangioma. He said we could begin weaning her off the meds this week so that she is completely off by the time she turns 8 months next Monday. We are to cut her dose in half for the first few days but still give it every 8 hours and then cut it down to every 12 hours for a few days and then discontinue completely.

This isn't the best picture but it shows whats left of her hemangioma. Practically nothing!

and remember this is where we started! WOW

We are so thrilled with how quickly and easily this issue was resolved. Dr. English does not think it will return after discontinuing the meds. It is completely flat and flesh colored now but turns pink when she is cold or mad. She has a bit of extra skin from where it stretched that eyelid out and for right now it only slightly effects how well she can open that eye. Dr. English thinks that it will decrease and go into the fold as she grows so that its relative size is much smaller than it is currently and should not be seen or be a problem in the future. We are just so thankful it did not effect her vision. Praise God!

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