Friday, December 3, 2010

7 months old!

This has been a very fun and ACTIVE month for Miss Madison. Oh my goodness, she is ALL OVER THE PLACE. We have travelled a lot this past month and when I was mentally picturing traveling with a 6 month old and 2.5 year old in my mind my 6 month old was still that baby that stayed where I put her. Her mobility has changed everything! She is so curious and soooo much faster than even a few weeks ago. She crawls all over the house and pulls up on EVERYTHING and unfortunately has figured out how to climb stairs which, means I can't just put her in the living room and walk away because she can follow me right up the stairs! She is SO NOT content to stay put! She wants to be where all the action is at all times. She is also really into putting tiny microscopic things and power cords in her mouth, so finding a safe place to put her is challenging. This stage was easier when I just had one kiddo because I only had one mobile kid! But now things as simple as taking Hunter upstairs to put him down for his nap or fixing his lunch or getting him a drink is a process because I have to make sure Madison is secure (locked up in something that she can't escape) before I can walk away for even 2 seconds to deal with something Hunter needs. We have a pretty good routine down now but this new challenge definitely snuck up on me over night!

She is just so fun to watch. She has a quiet curiosity about her. She is such a watcher and she gets cracked up all the time and will kind of chuckle. She loves to mimick us. When we laugh, she laughs, when we stick out our tongue she does it back. It's so fun to feel like we are communicating back and forth. She started saying momma this month. She says it very sporadically but each time has been appropriate. For instance, she does it when I walk away from her or when I put her down for bed and walk out, she will call out momma. She loves to talk to us and we love hearing her sweet voice. She also started giving kisses and waving bye bye this month, which is fun. I love those sloppy wet kisses.

She has the same 4 teeth she had last month but her 2 front teeth are starting to poke through now. So I am hoping the cutting process is quick because it's obviously bothering her right now because she has been waking up as soon as the Motrin wears off but she goes right back to sleep easily so I have enjoyed the extra snuggle time. She is a great eater, much better than Hunter was at this age. She eats about 6 stage 2 fruits or veggies a day, about 10 mum mums and tons of puffs and yogurt melts. She also loves saltines and bread. She still nurses 4 times per day but she is quick like 5-7 min tops and she is done. She drinks water from a sippy cup, sporadically, but prefers to drink from a regular cup.

She sleeps 12.5-13 hours per night (6:30pm to 7:00 or 7:30am) and takes 3 naps a day. She wears mostly 9 month and some 12 month clothes (because of length) and size 3 diapers.

This is her favorite toy right now because it's the perfect height for her to pull up on and play with

She is such a happy, content and sweet little girl
She is getting braver and braver only holding on with one hand while she stands
This was her first time to attempt the stairs in the living room. She had been crawling up to them and just stopping but decided to give it a try this time.
I'm not sure what I am going to do about these stairs yet. There are 3 different sets of them in the living room and they are tile and all way too wide for a baby gate.

Hunter has always been really sweet to Madison. We are just now starting to see him be a little territorial of toys. It didn't start until she started crawling, but now he sees where she is headed and will remove every toy in her path so she can't play with them.

He is still pretty sweet and gentle with her but we are working with him on not taking her toys away from her while she is playing with them! It's funny to see him suddenly show interest in toys that he hasn't touched in over a year...just because Madison is playing with them.

Madison goes back to the Cardiologist this month for a checkup on her hemangioma. They will probably take her off the propranolol soon because it is just about completely gone!

One of my favorite things that she does right now is she gets really excited when I come in the room and head in her direction like I am going to pick her up. She reaches her arms up to me and smiles and then starts flapping her arms up and down like she is really excited to get picked up. On the flip side when I put her down and walk out of the room she sort of hollers out like "hey come back here", like she doesn't want to be left alone. I love that when she nurses she reaches up and plays with my face...lips, nose, cheeks whatever she can grab on to. I love how smiley she is, all we have to do s make eye contact with her and she immediately smiles her sweet smile with fangs. I love how she seems to really like textures. She touches things and kind of strokes them opening and closing her hand, she also does this when she is putting herself to sleep. I love that when I hold her she wants to be facing out, she will contort and turn her body until she can see whats going on and then she gets really excited and starts trying to jump up and down and flap her arms. She is very ticklish and I love how giggly she gets and kind of freezes in anticipation of a tickle. She loves to crawl over to Hunter and crawl on top of him. He will start tickling her neck and she will just freeze and giggle.

She really loves....baths and when I pour water over her head (Hunter HATED that and still does so that's kind of funny), lotion massages especially on the hands and feet (she always giggles), being tickled, watching everything around her, self feeding, playing with my hair, being outside, getting tickled, watching Hunter, looking at herself in the mirror, being scratched, when I sing to her, snuggling before bed or when she first wakes up, SUCKING HER THUMB, when we talk to her, playing in her crib before and after naps, and lastly she loves people!

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