Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kansas city weekend

The weekend before Halloween I took the kids to Kansas City, our old stomping grounds, to see Jordan play and see all of our friends who are still there. It had been quite a while since we had been back, probably the longest stretch since we moved from there 3 years ago.

This was my first "solo" flying trip with both kids, although I wasn't exactly alone. A bunch of the other wives and their kids were also on our flight...but it was every mom for herself! We had our hands full!

We kept getting looks from fellow passengers in the airport as we walked by with this crew in tow...I am sure they were secretly praying we would not be on their flight! The kids all did remarkably well. It actually could not have gone better!
We arrived in Kansas city friday afternoon. I had a car pick me and the kids up to take us to the Niswanger's house since we landed in the middle of their kids nap time and we weren't sure if we could fit all 5 car seats in their car (my 2 plus her 3). I guess our driver thought we would need extra room, since I had 2 kids with me, so he showed up in a STRETCH limo...yeah way to go...draw even more attention!

Hunter thought it was cool...he is really into cars. He said "woah mom it's a big black car, look at the wheels they're so pretty"!
Hunter and Emory had fun playing together all weekend, they picked up right were they left off last time they were together.

All 3 babies bellying up to the table

Patricia and I took Ava Grace and Madison shopping with us to the Holiday mart Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon we took Hunter and Emory to a birthday party

It was a costume birthday party so Emory let Hunter borrow her cookie monster mask. Emory was a pink pig. Hunter wore the mast just long enough to snap this picture and then he was done.

All the kids lined up for an attempt at a group picture (notice not ONE of them is actually looking at the camera)
Hunter is in the zone...way past nap time

This was so sweet

Back on the home front the babies were playing together. Madison and John Carter got some snugglin in .

Ava Grace 6.5 months, Madison 5.5 months, John Carter 6.5 months
Later that night we loaded up all the kiddos in the burb...something we weren't quite sure was possible....but they fit...barely! We met up with Jordan (who was at the team hotel) and his parents (who had just gotten in to town) for dinner at Salty Iguana. Boy did we get some strange looks at dinner with all these babies and toddlers around. They did great as usual though.
The next day was game day! We took the oldest two to the game and left the babies with a sitter. Group pic just before we left for the game.

The Chiefs have totally renovated their stadium since we left and this was our first time seeing it. It looked so good and so different. They had this really neat "hall of honor" where they displayed info and pictures on every player who has ever started for them. Hunter got to see his daddy's rookie year picture...years before he was even born. That was really neat.
It's hard to believe he has been in the league 8 years already. Time flies. And wow....we have 2 kids now!?

He was just a kid in this picture.

Hunter and Emory did great at the game despite it being in the middle of nap time. Hunter ALMOST fell asleep in Vivi's lap.
The game was really fun to watch, even though we lost, because there is just nothing like Arrowhead stadium. I had forgotten how neat it is to watch a game there. It's sooooo loud.
Jordan ended up playing most of the game at Right Tackle, which he has not done in years. He has been playing tight end the past few years so it was weird to see. He played great, even though he was not prepared to be put in that position. It just reminds me of how athletic he really is that he can seamlessly transition between positions at this level, not only mentally, but physically. He definitely has a gift and watching him use it makes me so proud.
Hunter and Emory were pretty much delirious by the end of the game. But they were having fun with Papa pushing them around.

and playing peek a boo with the stroller hoods

Jordan and Rudy got to catch up a bit after the game was over.

Group pic

So proud of this guy
Papa and Vivi flew back with us that night to Dallas. I was SO thankful for the extra hands this time. It definitely makes a difference!

Vivi pretty much kept Hunter occupied the whole flight while Madison slept in my arms. It was late and Hunter barely got a nap in while driving to the airport after the game, so it could have been meltdown city, but they both did great as usual!
next up...our 2 week stay in Dallas!

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