Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dallas Trip

We spent 2 weeks in Dallas at the end of October first part of November. We flew there straight from the Kansas city game and stayed with Dwayne and Vivian the first week. The second week we packed up and moved a whole 5 minutes over to my parents house for the week. The Jags played the Cowboys that first Sunday and then they had a bye week the last Sunday we were there. Jordan was able to come to Dallas briefly during our 2 week stay. Once on the weekend he came to play the Cowboys and then he passed through briefly again for his bye weekend, because he actually went to Abilene to go Hunting, while we stayed back in Dallas with my parents.

While we were in town we went over to Robbie and Ambers one day and spent the day hanging out with them.
Hunter and Kaitlyn had fun playing together

After lunch all the kiddos napped at the same time so we got to catch up too!

We went out to dinner pretty early every night with the Blacks since Madison goes to bed at around 6:00.
Papa enjoyed feeding Madison
We met up with Beekah and James for dinner one night after we went by Papa and Vivi's new antique booth in Frisco

Hunter LOVES James

Beekah loves snugglin Madison
and Hunter

Friday night we went to Preston Crest's "Trunk or Treat". We didn't originally buy Halloween costumes this year because we were going to the Jags/Cowboys game on Halloween so the kids weren't going to be able to trick or treat. Then we found out PC had their trunk or treat a few days early so I ran around and tried to find some last minute costumes. Sam's had these on sale for $8...Bonus! Hunter was an elephant (which he was a little too tall for) and Madison was a butterfly (which she was a little too small for).

She was adorable in her outfit. But she lasted all of about 15 minutes before she was ready for bed.

...and she's done

Hunter had a blast checkin out all the trunks and getting candy

After Halloween (which was Sunday when we went to the Cowboy game) we moved all of our stuff over to my parents house for the week. The weather was quite a bit cooler so they had a fire going most mornings and evenings. It was sooooo nice to sit by a fire again. We don't even have a fireplace in FL which is probably for the best since Hunter is OBSESSED with fire. He asked me many times a day...."momma fire's hot?"

Every night when Pop got home from work he and Hunter would wrestle...just like when I was a kid

In the mornings Hunter would snuggle Pop on the couch while he watched cartoons

Hunter had PLENTY of quality cooking time with his grandmas
I am pretty sure he had a hand (or lick) in EVERY meal that was made
he is such a good helper
He and Nana picked pecans in the backyard

and snuggled on the porch
Madison had fun playing and eating on Nana's porch too. The weather was so nice!

Hunter also had fun playing with his cousins

Little miss priss joined me and Meagan for a pedicure one day...this girl LOVES pedicures

Hunter got to play on the indoor playground at the Galleria
We also took the kids over to see Meme and Papa one day. They had never met Madison before.

It's always so good to see them
Hunter had his first "just for fun" sleepover at Papa and Vivi's house one night while Madison and I were at my parents for the week. Vivi wanted to bake cookies with Hunter one Saturday morning so she thought it would be fun if he just spent Friday night with them! He loved it! He got to "ride in Vivi's red car and GO FAST" he said. She laughed because they were stuck in traffic cruising at about 20-25 miles the whole way home but to Hunter it felt really fast with the top down.

He was hard at work on those cookies

and snuck a few here and there too

They played in the dirt together, which Hunter loves...SUCH a boy

and when he came home, we snuggled up by the fire before bed

Love this little guy to pieces
We always love our trips home and we look forward to our next one!

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