Friday, November 19, 2010

And we're off!

Madison figured out the rhythm of the conventional crawl today. She has technically been "mobile" since she was 5 months with an army crawl/seal-like maneuver so I have been keeping an extra eye on her for a while now but there was a limit as to how quickly she could get around because of the lack of efficiency in her previous techniques. BUT we all know just how quickly they can get around once they learn how to REALLY crawl...and so it begins.

We are all under the weather this week. It hit me the hardest today...if there was ever a day to need a "sick day" in this job of mommy-hood today was the day. But no rest for the weary this girl decided she was going to crawl today!

Madison isn't feeling the best right now either, she was tuckered out from all that crawling and just about fell asleep on the floor.
I made a pallet in the living room and the 3 of us sickies snuggled and watched cartoons most of the morning dosing in and out of sleep.
The one perk about being sick is getting in lots of snuggles with my babies. Madison napped with me again in my bed later this afternoon.
Hopefully the icky stuff passes soon. Madison and I have big plans in NYC next weekend. Here is a sneak peak of her cozy little outfit for those frigid NY temperatures. Too cute not to post.
I am hoping I get the energy to blog about out October adventures to KC and Dallas soon...I have lots of catching up to do! And yes...that is a Christmas tree you see in the background. I looked at my Calendar this week and realized I have only 2 free days in the next month to get that thing put there it is in all it's glory on November 19 (technically its been up since Tuesday but whose counting) and P.S. there's even wrapped presents under the tree :-)

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