Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 months old!

Busy Busy Busy...that is how I describe this stage Madison is in...and our lives right now :-)

Be prepared for a long post we have lots to cover!

For starters Madison had her 6 month checkup and weighed 16 pounds 8 ounces (50%), she was 27.5 inches tall (95%), and her head was 16.3/4 inches around (50%). She wears size 6-9 month clothes and size 3 pampers cruisers and size 3 huggies overnight diapers. She wears a size 2/3 shoe when I want to keep her little feet warm.

Since Hunter joined us at her appointment they weighed him too and he was 34 pounds :-)
She has 4 teeth that have broken through and 5 that are on their way in. This girl is cutting some teeth! I thought she had only 3 about to break through but her pediatrician saw another this poor thing has a mouth full of pain right now. Here are the bottom two that came in about a month ago.
Her upper lateral incisors came in this past week and her upper canines and central incisors are ready to cut at any moment. She has one lateral incisor on the bottom that looks pretty close too. But by the look and feel of things her upper canines are the ones that are REALLY buggin her, poor thing.
She has always been a good sleeper but the teething pain is finally getting to her this week. I have heard her cry out in pain multiple times a night the past few nights...just for a few seconds. For the most part she goes back to sleep but there have been a few times that we have had to go in and dose her up with some tylenol or teething tablets (no not the recalled hylands tablets). Then it donned on me...she is 6 months...she can have ibuprofen! Woohoo! It always works soooo much better for teeth..well for everything...and it lasts thru the night :-)

Last night she woke up at about 10:30 and Jordan went up to soothe her and dose her up.
She loves her daddy :-)
She has also started solids this past month. Of the stage 1 baby food variety she has tried bananas, apples, pears, oatmeal, rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots and squash. She likes sweet potatoes, bananas and apples the most (the real deal not so much the baby food kind). She LOVES to self feed too. She actually prefers this over me feeding her, but we do both. She has her pincer grasp and has really enjoyed feeding herself puffs (banana flavor), baby mum mums, dry toast (sometimes with veggies spread on it), and cut up bananas peices. She seems to like the real deal more than baby food (just like Hunter did) so I plan to just make my own "baby food" rather than buy the gerber stuff...cheaper that way too...that is I if can stay home long enough to do that!

Chowing down on some toast with sweet potatoes spread on it
Yum...banana and puff remnants
Baby mum mums....her fav
banana pieces...this one wasn't quite ripe enough... judging by her face

mum mums again
This girl can finish off a mum mum fast!
happy girl

She started army crawling this past month (as opposed to her scoot she did in month 4...she is determined to get around somehow!) and she can get clear across a room in no time...although not as fast as a traditional crawl will be one day so I am thankful she is still somewhat slow

And she started pulling up to stand on her own...

Which meant I had to lower her 5 sad
its a good thing I lowered it too because that same day she pulled up in it
that will teach me to let her play in her crib after her nap :-)

Hunter was so excited. I told him Madison stood up and he ran upstairs and jumped (literally) in her crib and said "good job Madison, you did good"!
Her little rudolph nose....I love it...its her thermostat. It gets red when she is cold or mad
Her play mat has expanded to the whole living room
She loves to play outside. The weather is perfect here right now. Since the time change, the driveway is completely shaded after their afternoon naps, so we play outside until dinner! She loves to watch Hunter ride his tricycle.
This girl LOVES to jump in her jumper...she would stay there all day if we let her.
Madison loves to fly just like her brother. She does really well and flirts with all the other passengers.
She went with me and my mom for a pedicure the other day and one of the ladies thought it would be fun to get a pic of her in the toddler chair...someday she can get one WITH me :-)
She sits up unsupported and can catch herself if she starts to fall...this has really improved over the last 2-3 weeks. She also can go from her laying on her back to sitting up all by herself. She just rolls over then gets on all 4's, then tucks her leg under her and pushes up to sitting. She can then go to all 4's from sitting. I think this little maneuver is actually how she taught herself to pull up to stand in the crib.
My sister (the photographer) took her 6 month pics while we were home (I will post those in one of the many posts I have to catch up on)
She also started reaching for us this month! In the pic below she is reaching for the dog, but I L-O-V-E when she reaches for me. That is one of my favorite milestones...other than when they first start smiling and laughing.
This is her favorite pose. She does this all the time. But mostly when she is playing on the floor and wants to watch Hunter. She LOVES to watch Hunter.
She loves to be outside...she is hanging with me on Nana's screened in porch
such a cutie
whatchu lookin at?!
I could just squeeze those little cheekies :-)
She likes to swing
and Hunter likes to push her in the swing
She likes to crawl all over Hunter
Hunter likes it too...he thinks she is trying to tickle him
sweet kisses...such a good big brother
Love these two
It has been such a fun and busy month. We have been gone for 2.5 weeks to Kansas City and Dallas to watch Jordan play and spend time with family during the bye week. I have many many posts to catch up on and even more pictures. This has been the best month! I have loved every second of it. Madison changed so much in the 2.5 weeks we were gone. She is a mover and a shaker and is busy busy busy! She cannot be still for 2 seconds these days! She is in to everything, grabbing anything she can see. She wants to be doing what Hunter is doing at all times. She laughs when we mimic her noises, and loves to be tickled and talked to. She loves when we sing "Jesus loves me" to her...which Hunter picked up from Emory when we were in KC a few weeks ago. He wants to sing it to her when she goes down for her naps because thats what Emory did to the twins. He is such a good big brother to her.

She is developing such a fun little personality. She is still a very laid back baby but she has opinions about things now and will voice them when she is eating or playing. She is still a great sleeper even when she is in pain. A normal night for her is 6pm-7am or 6:30p-7:30am. She naps 3 times a day for 1.5-3.5 hours each depending on what we are doing. I am usually good about her getting her big nap (early afternoon nap) in the crib (at the same time as Hunter) that nap is usually 3-3.5 hours. But her first and 3rd naps are variable in length depending on what we are doing. If we are out an about or at the gym it may only be an hour...she doesn't like to sleep "on the go"...she is a crib baby and always has been. But she is always happy and content for the most part so I know she is getting good sleep even if one of her naps everyday is on the go.

She eats about every 4 hours (or 4 times a day)....she nurses about 10-15 minutes then eats solids. She usually eats at 7a,11a,3p,6p and will eat about 1-2 jars of food at each sitting. I only feed her "jars" 3 times a day the other meal is a snack and is usually puffs, mum mums or some other finger food. She has a pretty good appetite so long as she isn't in pain from her teeth (which has really just been the past few days). She bit me the other day...while eating...WOW is all I can say about that. Those teeth are like razors, it's happened 3 times total, I'm hoping it never ever ever happens again as long as I live.

She babbles and coos a lot but mostly when she is getting changed or after she nurses. She LOVES when we mimic her and will laugh really hard. She also laughs when we she thinks its funny to see us laugh.

She knows her name and will turn towards us when we call her or talk to her. I love how ticklish she is in the most random places. She laughs so hard when I wipe off her hands after deep pressure on the hands is ticklish. I love how sweet and snuggly and smiley she is when she first wakes up. One of THE very best parts of my day is getting both of my kiddos up for the day because they are SO happy and adorable. Hunter says "hey mommy, I slept good!" and when we go get Madison we can see her head peaking up over the top of the crib as she is straining to look out...grinning from ear to ear. I love how she is in perpetual motion and will crane and contort herself to be able to see what is going on....until she lays eyes on Hunter and then she is frozen as she watches his every move. I love how she loves to look at herself in the mirror and play peek a boo. I love how she loves to look pictures of herself and watch videos of herself. The other day I made a video of me tickling her and her giggling really hard and I went back and watched it afterward. She sat in my lap and watched it with me and was just laughing hysterically at herself....getting tickled and laughing. It was so cute. It's like I could see the wheels turning in her head. I love how she anticipates when she is going to get to eat and how passionate she is about getting there! I love the sweet noises she makes when she is eating and how easily distractible she is at this age...when she should be eating :-)

She is just growing too fast! It goes by so much faster with the 2nd but it is so neat to watch the two of them interact. I really do have THE BEST job in the world. I am so thankful to be soaking up every second of these two because I know one day they will be grown and gone :-/

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