Friday, October 8, 2010

Gotcher Boys

Some good friends of ours, Wes and Carrie Gotcher, delivered their twin boys on October 4th at only 28 weeks gestation. Wes and Carrie are missionaries in Brazil right now. Their boys Graham and Gibson were about 2.5 pounds each and are in the NICU on respirators. We ask for your prayers as this is a very challenging and emotionally draining time for them. Today they learned that one of the twins, Gibson, has a level 3 brain bleed. Please pray for this sweet family and for complete healing for Gibson. They have a long road ahead.



Wes and Carrie with their boys

Below is a link to a video Wes put together of the boys. The last song is Carrie singing...get your kleenex handy if you plan to watch this.


Anonymous said...

John 4:50

Sara said...

I will be praying for these sweet boys.