Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 months old!

Our sweet baby girl is 5 months old today! It just keeps getting better and better. She is so full of sweetness we just cannot get enough of her. She is the sweetest most even keeled baby on the planet! She is such a good baby and so much better than we could have ever asked for.

I can count on 1 hand how many times she has actually cried I mean really really cried seriously this is such a happy little girl! She is growing up so fast I cannot believe that her first year is nearly halfway over.

She is so curious about her surroundings now. She grabs everything within reach and brings it straight to her mouth. She handles things with a lot more precision using each finger and sometimes will stroke objects as if she is feeling the texture. As she goes to sleep she will run her hands up and down the soft sheets in her bed or play with the bumper. She loves to play with my hair when she is eating and I love it when she stops for a second and gives me the biggest grin as if she knows EXACTLY who I am and that I just love her to pieces.

She loves to watch Hunter. If he is in the room she will figure out a way to position herself so that she can watch what he is doing. Her favorite things right now are standing....standing....standing, jumping, playing in the exercauser, rolling all over the place, and sitting up. She is getting pretty good at sitting up, even without support of her hands. She can turn her head to scan the room without losing balance but she still doesn't have protective reactions so if she does lose her balance...she just topples over.

She really loves to look at herself and others in the mirror. It makes her smile every time! She also, just like Hunter, loves to watch videos of herself. I made a video of me tickling her the other day and when I went back and watched it she watched it with me and was grinning the whole time we watched hit especially when she could see and hear herself laugh on the video. I think it's so cute to see them figure out the world around them and grow up. Being a parent is seriously the best blessing!

She is still exclusively nursing but we have done cereal for practice a few times... she wasn't too fond of the taste. I am sure she will like the fruits and veggies once we start those next month though! She can drink from a sippy cup which she does when I feed her cereal. And when she takes a bottle (which is rare...and only from daddy or the sitter) she drinks about 5-6 ounces. She moved to fast flow nipples this month because apparently she was getting impatient!

This girl is a born sleeper. No sleep training needed for this one she LOVES to sleep. She goes to bed at 6pm and gets up at 8am. She takes 2-3 naps a day usually 1.5 hour morning nap and a 3-3.5 hour afternoon nap. She is so easy in that regard too...pretty predictable and just puts herself right to sleep. She really seems to love her crib. She is content to play in there for 20-30 minutes after she wakes up, which is nice because Hunter does the same thing. That means the world doesn't have to stop the second they wake up, I can kind of finish up whatever I am working on before going to get them up for the day.

Her hemangioma is still doing so good. We saw her cardiologist last week and he could not believe how well it has responded to the Propranolol. He decided to let her outgrow her dose (so as she gains weight she will effectively be weaning off the med at the same time). Then around 8 months he would like to discontinue the drug so long as her hemangioma does not return. Because she has gained weight the dose is lighter on her system so she has very few, if any, side effects. In fact, other than setting an alarm to dose her up every 8 hours, it hasn't been an issue at all this month!

She is currently wearing 6 month clothes (some 6-9 month), size 2 diapers and size 2-3 shoes. I got her a pair of UGG type boots for those freezing Florida winter temperatures. She weighs around 15ish pounds and is about 26 inches long. She is super ticklish in the neck and armpits and will give the biggest belly laugh when we tickle's the best.

She has started scooting on her arms and legs. She gets up on all fours and rocks and scoots all over her crib and playmat on the floor. She is slow but she is moving...I really hope she waits a few more months to start really crawling because once she does it will change things big time!

This isn't the best video of it but you can at least see how she does it...minus the falling over :-) most of the time she rocks a few times and then explodes forward...then rocks a few times and then explodes forward...until she gets to wherever she wants to be!

Her most recent development has to be this...

The little stinker found her thumb! Despite my persistent efforts at pushing the paci she has decided the thumb is the way to go. She actually started sucking her thumb when she was in the NICU her first week of life but she always took a paci too. Now she just throws the paci out and goes straight for the thumb.
It's so hard to imagine life before she was here. We are so thankful for our two adorable and healthy children. We count our blessings daily!


Simpsons said...

She is so precious! I just want to squeeze her to pieces! I loved reading her updates. And if you figure out a trick to break the thumb sucking...let me know! LOL Sophie still LOVES her thumb!

Becky said...

Cannot WAIT to see her and Hunter!