Monday, October 11, 2010

Madison scoots Part 2

This afternoon I put Madison down, on her back, inside her little play mat to play. I left the room for maybe 2 minutes and when I came back in she was half way across the room!

....on her hands and knees
She isn't crawling but she has some interesting scooting techniques that can get her around! She rocks up on her arms and legs and goes places :-)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gotcher Boys

Some good friends of ours, Wes and Carrie Gotcher, delivered their twin boys on October 4th at only 28 weeks gestation. Wes and Carrie are missionaries in Brazil right now. Their boys Graham and Gibson were about 2.5 pounds each and are in the NICU on respirators. We ask for your prayers as this is a very challenging and emotionally draining time for them. Today they learned that one of the twins, Gibson, has a level 3 brain bleed. Please pray for this sweet family and for complete healing for Gibson. They have a long road ahead.



Wes and Carrie with their boys

Below is a link to a video Wes put together of the boys. The last song is Carrie singing...get your kleenex handy if you plan to watch this.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Colts Weekend

What a fun weekend we've had! Dwayne and Vivian and Mark and Mindy Culwell came in town for the Colts game. It was such a fun weekend! The Culwell's got to meet Madison, Dwayne and Viv had fun lovin on their grandbabies, Dwayne and Mark played Sawgrass, twice, and the JAGS BEAT THE COLTS!!! That game was probably the most exciting game I have been to since we joined the Jags in 2008. It was like we won the Superbowl the way the crowd reacted. The excitement in the air was just so awesome. It was especially exciting because we were tied with only 5 seconds left on the clock and Josh Scobee (our kicker) put in a 59 yard field goal to win the game. He set all kinds of records with that kick. It was so awesome!

Madison had fun getting lots of snuggles

I could just squeeze those little cheekies...melt my heart this one
Hunter had fun getting lots of extra attention
He and Viv spent some time outside on the swing
They went on a hunt in our backyard looking for the perfect accessory to a pumpkin they were decorating
So sweet
Love this little guy to pieces!
He looks so old in this picture

Madison is such a snuggly and sweet little baby

She loves to stand on those legs
Hunter and Vivi doing crafts together

They found the perfect "hair" for the pumpkin
they had lots of fun putting it together...this kiddo lives for craft projects
The finished product. SO CUTE!
While they decorated the pumpkin, Dwayne and Mark played a round at Sawgrass

Then came home to snuggle and play with the kids

So sweet

Hunter showed Papa and Vivi his iPad drawings
then he had to show Mr. Mark
and snuggle with Miss Mindy

Hunter came to the game with us since the weather was perfect. He and his buddy Caden had fun playing together and showing each other new apps on the iPad. (love that thing!)

Mindy and Vivi
Hunter split his time between playing with friends, drawing on the iPad and cheering for daddy in Vivi's lap

Hunter's buddies....Lucas, Ben and Caden all cheering on their daddies

Love my new zoom lens!

It's still so weird for me to see Jordan lined up off the ball at tight end

Jordan and Eugene run blocking Freeney

The boys and their entertainment...bottom lip sticking out = serious business

After the big one wanted to leave!

Hunter was wiped out at this point

Jags 31, Colts 28
Hunter played with his buddy Deuce while they waited on their daddies to come out of the locker room.
Caden, Hunter and Deuce chased each other around
and stopped for a quick hug

so proud of this guy
Love this picture of them walking out of the stadium
3 generations of Black boys :-)