Monday, September 6, 2010

"TV Dre"

"TV Dre", as Hunter affectionately calls her, came to see us this past weekend and meet Madison. Andrea (Dre for short) taught Hunter to call her "Tia Dre" last year when she came to visit. Hunter was only 1.5 at the time. And now a year soon as I told Hunter she was coming he yelled "TV Dre"...priceless.

Dre is one of my oldest and dearest friends. No matter the distance between us or the length of time its been since we have talked we pick right back up where we left off.

Beautiful huh?!
She is SUCH a dear friend. Beautiful on the inside and out and has such a passion for people. I absolutely love this girl to pieces and I always enjoy spending time with her. She is so supportive and loyal and just makes you feel so good when your around her! Who wouldn't want to be around that kind of girl 24/7! She is a hard worker and an excellent bargain shopper! I joke that she is my personal shopper because this girl can find the deals! She always knows just what would look best so I usually put her to work when she is in town :-)

And to top it all off she ADORES my kids. It's hard not to adore people that adore your kiddos...and I mean ADORE!

Can you tell?!

They adore her too

Hunter has this weird thing for pump bottles. She let him put lotion all over her legs...he was in pump bottle HEAVEN!

Every morning when Hunter would wake up he would tell me "I wanna go get TV Dre" (even before getting Madison!). He would run in her room and say "wake up TV Dre" and jump in bed with her. As she kissed him goodbye yesterday he bawled and as we drove away from the airport he cried "no airplane TV Dre, no airplane TV Dre"... BREAK MY HEART! This morning he woke up and the first thing he said was "I wanna go get TV Dre!" and he ran in her room :-( I had to break it to him AGAIN that she was gone :-(

We just love it when you visit Dre we can't get enough!
Come back soon!

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