Friday, September 3, 2010

4 months old

My sweet baby girl is already 4 months old today! Time flies even faster when you have more than one kiddo keeping you occupied. Madison is SUCH a sweet baby. Seriously the best baby a girl could ask for. She is so even keeled and laid back. She is SUPER low maintenance and sweet.
She is full of smiles these days and loves to talk to us especially after she eats and when she gets her diaper changed. She likes to play around with different pitches to where it almost sounds like she is singing. I love to hear her sweet sweet voice.

She is really liking the jumper and the exersaucer these days. She plays with all the toys and spins the wheels and puts any and everything she can in her mouth. She loves to stand on those legs and wants to be standing, sitting up or on her belly at all times. She rolls over really well now and the minute we put her down on her back she flips over to her belly to play. She still isn't a fan of being on her back but she tolerates it as far as the reflux goes. Her zantac is still working well!
After spending a week with us a while back, my mom (Nana) commented that while Madison looks a lot like Jordan she seems to be EXACTLY like I was as a baby as far as her demeanor goes. She is a watcher and wants to be where the action is at all times and will kind of holler out when the action leaves the room, as if to say "hey come back". Hunter runs circles around her and she watches his every move, he stops only occasionally for a quick kiss or hug. He is very sweet to her.
The little stinker also LOVES to watch TV, I don't let her of course, but she will do her very best to contort and crane her neck and body so she can see it!
Her eye is looking better everyday!
Big brother loves to give her hugs and kisses

He crawls into her crib every morning when we go get her up for the day

He runs in and turns on her light and says "good morning Madison! How'd you sleep? I slept good!"

She loves it when we talk to her. She stares at us and smiles and will talk back. She loves our morning walks on the beach. She and Hunter both just quietly ride along soaking up the view. She has started grabbing at everything and drooling on everything. I have to be watch my surroundings when I hold her now because she will grab whatever is in reach and put it in her mouth! She is a mover and a shaker. She is in constant motion and loves to splash around in the bathtub. She found her feet the other day and played with them for quite a while but she hasn't touched them since.

She is still a great sleeper and goes to bed at 6:30pm and gets up for the day around 8:30-9:00am. I am still waking her up for her midnight dose of Propranolol and if I can keep her awake long enough to get a full feed she will sleep till morning but if I can't keep her awake for a full feed her blood sugars will drop and she will wake with low blood sugar about 2 hours later all sweaty, shaky and ravenous (which breaks my heart). So needless to say we REALLY try everything to make sure she stays awake long enough to eat well when I dose her up. The same goes for her morning and afternoon doses. As long as she will eat really well when I give it to her then her blood sugars are fine afterwards but if she doesn't eat well then 2 hours later she shows signs of hypoglycemia. It is easily fixed with a good meal though :-) and this medicine has been such a blessing for her little eye!

She takes 3 naps a day...a 1.5 hour nap in the morning, 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon (same time as big brother!) and about a 30 min catnap in late afternoon just enough to get her to dinner and bed. She puts herself to sleep without crying, sometimes with a paci and sometimes without. Occasionally I see her sneak a thumb in there. She still prefers to sleep on her tummy but since she can roll around all over she pretty much chooses how she sleeps. She also has started becoming attached to her lovie, not quite like her brother's lovie attachment at this point, but she does like to sleep with it and it's very helpful if I need her to nap in the car seat or stroller too.

She is wearing 6 month clothes and has almost outgrown her size 1-2 diapers. I am hoping to make it through the HUGE Sam's club box of 1-2 size diapers before she outgrows them but we will be cutting it close because they are already VERY snug! At her 4 month checkup she weighed 14 pounds 12 ounces 75%, she was 25.5 inches long (75-90%), and her head was 16 inches (25-50%). Her pediatrician was very excited about the progress her hemangioma has made since the last time she saw her. She was also very impressed with her milestones and reflexes saying they were like a 6 month old... (which is funny because that's exactly what they told us when Hunter was 4 months old). She said Madison already had the reflexes required for walking so she predicted she would be an early walker....I responded with "oh dear let's hope not!" The doctor also commented on how laid back Madison is because she just lays there and lets them poke and prod all over her and she just grins and flirts at them the whole time! She thought it was neat that every time she smiled at Madison her heart rate would go up, because she would get so excited, that just goes to show how much babies crave and love attention. She received 3 shots and an oral vaccine (the same ones she got at her 2 month appointment).

We just love Madison to pieces and could not be more thankful for the incredible blessing that she is in our lives!


Heather said...

Her eye looks fabulous. That med did wonders. I love their shirts! Too cute.

The Tenner Trio said...

She looks too precious and adorable!! Those blue eyes take my breath away - seriously!!! I'm so happy she's doing so well and that her eye is getting better - it sure does look like it's improved alot! :-) Answered prayers! Also, such a sweet blog about your friend "TV Dre"! I know what you mean about loving people who love your kids! So glad y'all got to spend some much needed time together! Such a blessing!

Amy said...

So sweet!

Looks like maybe our baby girls have the same bedding?? How fun!