Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sara and Jax

Monday when we dropped off Aunt Beekah at the airport we picked up Sara and Jax at the same time to stay for the week! Hunter was sad about Beekah leaving but seeing his buddy Jax made him perk up soon after. I was pretty excited about Sara coming because I had not seen Jax since he was 9 months old and now he is a walking and talking toddler!


Hunter was excited to have a friend to play with he kept hugging Jax and trying to hold his hand

He hugged him so hard he knocked him over :-)

Sara has been one of my best friends for 11 years now. We were college room-mates, we were in each other's weddings and now we are enjoying raising our kiddos together. We try to see each other every few months, despite the fact that she lives in Nashville. Our husbands both love to go hunting together which helps ensure that we will see each other as often as possible! She is my other friend that I term my personal stylist. She and Dre both have such a gift whenever I see them I always make sure to utilize their skills and creativity. She just became a stylist for Stella and Dot and she brought all her fun new jewelry. I am in the process of changing my closet out for fall/winter and packing up the summer dresses and maternity clothes. She went through my clothes one afternoon and made 57 SEPARATE outfits (meaning NOTHING was duplicated)...only utilizing maybe 1/2 of my clothes. Just think how many more outfits I could have if I mixed and matched and used the other half of my clothes! I had NO IDEA I had that many options. She is so creative and put things together that I would have never even thought of doing! I don't need to go shopping for at least a year! She accessorized each outfit with jewelry and shoes and we took pictures of them all and hung them in my closet as outfits so I could remember what she did. I feel like I just bought a whole new wardrobe...this girl has SKILLS!

While she worked on my closet Hunter had fun dressing Jax
Jax thought it was pretty funny at first, until he couldn't see, then he seemed a little concerned
They had fun playing together in the playroom
Sara and Hunter did some crafts together while Jax and Madison napped
This is one of Hunter's favorite things to do. He makes us sit in the bean bag and he runs the car up and down our arms and legs.
Jax is soooo sweet. He had a lot of fun with all the new toys.
The boys snuggling with Say-Say

Bath time!
Cutie patooties!
Hunter wanted to give Jax a kiss goodbye before they left
Sara getting some goodbye hugs

Jax 16 months and Madison 4 months

We are gonna miss these guys but we will see them again in Nashville when we play the Titans in December!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Aunt Beekah came to visit this weekend and go to the Jags/Philly game. She came in for a nice long weekend that started Friday afternoon and sadly ended today (Monday). Hunter was SO excited to see her. When he woke up from his nap on Friday, she was already here, and I went upstairs to get him and he yelled "Beekah, I wanna go see her!!!"

We took the kids to the beach a few times

Hunter loved having Beekah here to play with him

They played in the waves (something I can't do when I take them alone because I can't leave Madison unattended!)

They did crafts together or as Hunter calls it (craps)
Interesting story about this. Hunter goes to Mother's morning out 2 mornings a week for 3 hours while I go to my women's bible study. Last year we just had a babysitter come keep all of our kids and it was a nice built in playdate for the kiddos. But this year we have WAY too many kids for one babysitter so we decided to do Mother's morning out instead. Madison just stays at home with our babysitter so she can get her morning nap in but Hunter LOVES and I mean LOVES going to "school" as he calls it. He gets to play with other kids his age just like he did last year at bible study. They have a structured schedule that includes crafts for 30 min. I came to pick him up one day and his teacher asked me if we had a craft box. I thought that it was a strange and random question but she said "well if you don't you really should really consider getting one because Hunter is OBSESSED with crafts". Apparently, he is the one kid that bugs them all morning about getting the craft box out and when they split up into groups of 3 to rotate doing the crafts Hunter wants to be in every group. He hovers over each group until its his turn. She said they have to hide the box because as soon as Hunter sees it that's all he talks about until they start the project for the day. So, I went to target and got a bunch of supplies from the dollar section and we pulled the craft box out this weekend while Beekah was here. Hunter LOVED it. We do it for a little bit each day and I too have to hide the box when it's not in use :-)
I think it's safe to say he inherited his daddy's artistic ability because this is a pretty darn good drawing of a truck....for a 2 year old!
Hunter ADORES his aunt Beekah
Madison is always so happy. She found her feet a few weeks ago so she has a permanent toy attached to her at all times
She is sitting up so well these days!
Love this face

daddy's little girl
she is growing up so fast!
Getting sweet kisses from aunty. I could just squeeze those little cheekies!

Hunter feeding the fish after dinner

Game day gooooooo daddy! Madison is wearing her new dress that I had made by a lady here in Jacksonville

Rebekah and I before the game. We had to get a picture before we got all sweaty and hot!
We rode with the McCowns to the game and Jonah, their 5 year old, grew an attachment to Rebekah. He wanted to hold her hand the whole day.

So sweet
Jordan and Rebekah after the game

It's always so good to have Rebekah here. Our kids just adore her and she LOVES them to death.

She is such a good Aunty

Hunter bawled his eyes out when we dropped her off at the airport. He was SO sad to see her go. It was really hard to see because he seriously ADORES her. I had to try to distract him with a promise of chocolate milk from Chick Fila just so he wouldn't cry the whole way home. When we dropped Rebekah off at the airport today we actually picked up Sara and Jax at the same time for a week of fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Home Opener

This past weekend was our home opener against Denver. We had such a great weekend! It was an awesome game, we played great and won but it was the HOTTEST game in Jacksonville history....LITERALLY. It was so stinkin hot! We also had a lightening delay for the 3rd time this season!

We had lots of people in town for the weekend. Adam and Jaclyn made their first trip to Jacksonville and got to meet Madison for the first time. Hayley and her boyfriend Casey came and we all go to meet Casey for the first time and Dwayne and Vivian also came.

We had a lot of fun....we brought back the game MAFIA from the archives as well as a few others. Great games for big groups of people :-)

Hayley and Casey
Hunter playing catch with Daddy and Papa
Madison having fun with Papa
and getting kisses from Vivi
Vivi got Madison her first bracelet
Hunter showjng Papa how to Navigate the ipad
And he showing Vivi how to draw on the ipad
Casey snuggling Madison
Vivi getting some last minutes snuggles before we left for the game

So sweet
Hunter and his obsession with Apple products...showing Papa how to use the iphone
Hunter snuggling with Haylo
Jaclyn and Adam
Hunter and Adam hugging

Jordan, Brad and Casey talking after the game

Hunter also had a birthday party to go to for one of his buddy's...Justin. It was a "rockin" birthday theme and "rockstar" dress was suggested :-)

Garrard Fam on the red carpet
Justin turned 3 this year and this was definitely the biggest birthday party I have ever been to much less for a 3 year old! But, it's mostly just an excuse to throw one big party every year and since he was born in early September they use is as a kickoff to football season too! There were somewhere between 230-300 people a live band, a videographer, photographer, snow cone trailer, bounce house and the biggest and most awesome birthday cake ever! The top layer turned to music!
Aaron Kampman and his son Ben
Nicole Considine cheesin for the camera ;-)
also noted...the some of the band members from KISS made an appearance...not related to Nicole though
Mary Garrard sang a few songs with the band...Parmalee (comprised of mostly her friends and family). She had the best outfit of all!
Justin and his new ride
Hunter giving the birthday boy a hug
Justin struttin' (notice Hunter off to the side squeezing the balloons....he was mildly obsessed)
Hayley lovin on Madison

Hayley and Casey

Jordan and Hunter on the red carpet
McCown party of 5 (soon to be 6)!
It was such a fun weekend! We always love having family in town. I just love the the fall!