Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Training Camp 2010

Jordan's 8th NFL training camp is coming to a close tomorrow afternoon. It's hard to believe it's been 8 years already! Hunter and I were able to go watch a few practices, and see his scrimmage and take him lunch between two-a-day practices a few times. We got to see him about every 3 or 4 days for a few minutes here and there which made the time he was gone go by much faster. We didn't have it quite as good as last year though since we live 45 minutes from the stadium now. Last year we lived in the Condo that shared a parking lot with their hotel so him dropping by a few minutes here and there was actually possible. Coach was really awesome about letting the guys off a night here or there if they had good practices though so no complaining here!

I took Hunter to practice a few times and he played in the family tent with all his little buddies until he got to run on the field afterwards and see daddy. He was always so excited to go and he begged to wear his jersey every single time. In fact that's all he wants to wear these days, I have to hide it from him so he will actually wear something else on most days because if he sees that jersey...it's over!
It was pretty hot out at practice, even at night. Hunter cooled off with a gatorade :-)
He had so much fun playing with daddy and running all over the field

So adorable
I love this picture
After practice the fans are all lined up for autographs waiting for the players to walk by on their way to the locker room. As we were waiting for Jordan to sign autographs a guy asked Hunter for his autograph. Hunter had been watching daddy do it for about 15 min. so he knew what to do I guess because he walked right over took the pen and drew a line and then handed back and goes "there ya go"! He was a real crowd pleaser :-)

One night they had a formal scrimmage at the stadium...

Hunter spotted daddy on the field when he took his helmet off
He had fun playing with the Caden and the McCown and Kampman boys

After the scrimmage Hunter joined daddy on the field to sign autographs

Hunter joined Jordan for a post scrimmage interview

Love these two
While Jordan was in camp the kids and I had about 10 days to ourselves before family and friends came in town to keep us company. I decided to work on the kids rooms during my 10 days alone to keep myself busy. Madison's room was already well on it's way to being done. But I re-did Hunter's too. I bought these little ride on animals (they hold 140 pounds!) and blew up some poster sized pictures of him over the past 2 years to hang around his room. He had a Thomas the train bed set but I was tired of it not matching the green walls and animal themed curtains that came with the house. So we embraced it and he now has an animal themed room, and he LOVES it! He has been calling it his NEW bed for weeks now. I am curious to see how long it stays his "new" bed.

Before Jordan left for camp he and I were talking about how crazy it is that in just 3 weeks Madison would change so much. It's hard to believe how much she has started doing since he left just 3 weeks ago. I texted him every time something new happened and he was always sad he missed it. Today she rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time. She rolled over belly to back a few weeks ago (also while he was in camp) so now she is just a rolling machine! She just looks so different in pictures at 3.5 months compared to 2.5 months it's amazing! Since he left she has started laughing, and cooing and playing with toys and rolling both ways and jumping in the jumper and sitting up supported on her arms and sleeping 13 hours a night. It's just crazy how much has changed! He will have to get totally reacquainted with her!

This is Madison's favorite hangout spot right now...
She loves to sit upright in the boppy. She uses her arms/elbows and the pillow around her for support and just looks around as happy as a clam! She is ALL ABOUT being upright. The second we lay her down she immediately starts craning her neck to sit back up. She also loves to face out in the BJorn when I grocery shop. She is such a watcher. She loves to be wherever the action is and she just quietly takes it all in.

She is watching her crazy brother sing and dance to Mickey Mouse's "hot dog" song
Hunter has been super sweet and on his best behavior the past few weeks. He is such a pleaser and a helper. He LOVES to help with anything Madison. His favorite thing is to run and get her up in the mornings so I always go get him first and then we go together to get Madison up. He runs to the door and says "I'm gonna go get Madison" and he runs in her room turns on the light climbs up in her crib and says "hey Madison, did you sleep good? I sleep good." Then he runs to the changing table and says "my turn" which means his turn to get his diaper changed. Then as soon as he is done he says "it's Madison's turn" and he helps me change her diaper. He loves to do dishes and laundry and play on the floor with Madison when she is having floor time. He brings her toys and tries to show her how to use them. He loves taking baths with her but has a tendency to be a little TOO helpful there, with the water and all, so I have to watch pretty closely! He has been such a good boy to me these past few weeks. God knew I needed MERCY and HE provided!

Trying to show Madison how to play with her new rattle

She would rather just chew on it

Getting bedtime and bath time done without Jordan's help is a bit more challenging but these two do great together!
It's been an eventful and challenging 3 weeks without daddy around but we are so thankful for all the visitors that came through to help break up the time! It's times like these when I realize just how much Jordan does to help out around the house and with the kids. He was definitely MISSED!


Heather said...

We just got done having our daddy gone for 3 weeks too. He is home for 5 and then gone for another 3.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Jordan and Hunter on the field. They are so adorable. The big strong football player and his little boy are priceless.

Madison's eye looks so good. It is amazing how such a short amount of time has done that much good.

The kids are getting so big!

Sarina said...

I LOVE all the pictures. Hunter is adorable in them with Jordan. Glad that Jordan is enjoying the team down there. It sounds like you have your hands full...supermom :-)

Cassie Channell said...

I love that you say that Madison is a "watcher." I say that about my Madelinn all the time. Wyatt is my "doer" and Maddi is my "watcher." I wonder if that is a 1st child/2nd child thing?

Also, Loved the pictures! They are soooo cute!