Friday, August 27, 2010

Nana visits

This past week Nana came to Florida to hang out with us and to be here for my birthday! It's always nice having momma around because she is just like me, so it cuts my duties in half, it's like having 2 of me around! Hunter loved having his Nana here to play with him and he seemed pretty sad when she left. He kept running into our guest room, which he called Nana's room, looking for her.

They had fun building the alphabet puzzle and playing games with it
Nana (and the speech pathologist in her) is always so impressed with Hunter's "R" sounds but he has a tendency, like many 2 year olds, to replace "Y" with and "L" and "L" with a "W". I am always a little more in tune with this stuff after being around her. I hear it all day long but her gentle reminders to Hunter help me remember to work on those sounds with him on a daily basis. So, after she left we were playing and he saw a lizard. He said mommy I see the "wizard" and I repeated the word lizard with a strong emphasis on the "L" and he repeated it back to me perfectly with a strong emphasis on the "L". I clapped and said good job buddy! And he said "crap crap crap mommy", as he clapped his hands with me. I couldn't help but laugh....clearly we have not mastered the full spectrum of the "L" yet ;-)
There were extra snuggly arms to go around...which Hunter LOVED
It's so nice that all of our family makes it a priority to see us every few months so that the kids know who they are no matter the distance between us.
I wasn't very good at taking pictures this time around because I realized, after Nana left, that I didn't get any pics of her and Madison :-/

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Becky said...

I had SO much fun on this trip to Florida. Thanks for writing about it so fondly. You are a wonderful mom and I am very proud of you!