Friday, August 13, 2010

Lauren and Sophie in Florida!

This past week my best friend from Physical Therapy school came to Jacksonville to keep us company while Jordan is at camp. Lauren, and and her husband Brian, actually moved to Houston shortly after we did and we were neighbors for a while before we moved to Jacksonville. It was so awesome to have her so close and get to experience the transition into motherhood along side her. She has a 21 month old daughter, Sophie and baby number 2 is on the way due in January.

We saw them briefly 2 months ago, when we were at Disney, and Sophie and Hunter had fun chasing each other around, so Hunter was SUPER excited when I told him Sophie was coming to see him because he could actually remember who she was. Hunter is at the age where he grasps the concept of anticipation of an event but he doesn't have the patience to anticipate said event longer then the IMMEDIATE future. So unless I want him to ask 5,473 times "where is Sophie, I wanna play with Sophie, Sophie is coming to play, Sophie is on an airplane." etc. then I have to be very careful at how far ahead of time I inform him of said event. Well, I made the mistake of telling him the day before they were coming instead of the day of so ALL I HEARD about for the next 24 hours was about Sophie. He wouldn't rest until he could at least see pictures of her so I had to pull up Lauren's blog just to get him to stop talking about it for a few moments. It really is pretty cute as long as I stick to the 5 minute rule...which is don't talk about doing something until it's at least 5 minutes from happening because that's about all the patience this 2 year old has!

Hunter and Madison playing together just before they arrived
He is so sweet with her. It's going to be fun to watch these two grow up together
The week was pretty laid back. Hunter and Sophie played very well together and they were exceptionally nice the first day during the honeymoon phase.
We made a trip to the beach one afternoon and Sophie loved every bit of it
Hunter enjoyed giving Sophie rides on his train

Madison had fun getting extra love from Lauren
and Sophie
Lauren mentioned she was curious to see how Sophie will act when baby number 2 arrives... judging from how she was with Maddie, it's safe to say she has NOTHING to worry about. She LOVED Madison.
The kiddos all snuggled up with Lauren to watch Mickey Mouse
It was SO good to have Lauren and Sophie come for a visit. It definitely helped pass the time while Jordan is at camp. It's always good to catch up with Lauren and see our kiddos play together. We can't wait to meet baby Simpson number 2!

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