Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aunt Hayley meets Madison!

My younger sister Hayley came to Florida this weekend to meet Madison for the first time. She had a rough time getting here with a delayed flight that caused her to miss her connection and almost be stuck in Atlanta overnight. She sprinted across that HUGE airport countless times until she was drenched in sweat trying to chase down planes that she could possibly catch before finally just about giving up but by the grace of God she somehow managed to get on the last flight out (which was also delayed just enough for her to catch it) and she made it to the house by about 2am. After a long day of traveling she crashed shortly after arriving. Jordan had his first preseason game that night in Philly and he got to come home for 24 hours and he got home at about 3am. So, needless to say it was a night of little sleep for all of us! The kids slept through it all and were up at 8am the next morning ready to play with their aunt Hayley!

Madison was all smiles for Hayley as she got to meet her for the first time.
Haylo is such a good Aunt...she loves her babies
And her babies love her!
Hunter and Hayley making a video on her computer

Drawing together

We had a blast hanging out although it was WAY too short! We can't wait for her to return for the home opener against Denver in just 4 short weeks!

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