Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3 months old!

Now on to the fun stuff! My sweet baby girl is 3 months old!! And sweet she is...she has put up with quite a lot in her short life and she is the sweetest most even keeled baby. The number one comment we get from the countless doctors and nurses that have poked and prodded on her since birth is how sweet and calm she is....she acts like it doesn't phase her one bit! She was hamming it up for the Cardiologist today and when he hooked her up to the FREEZING cold EKG leads, she startled, and stuck out her bottom lip like she just might lose it for a second, and then let out the biggest gummiest grin and coo you've ever seen. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. He wanted to wrap her up and take her home with him!

She weighed 13 pounds even today (52%) and was 25.5 inches long (95%). This past month her reflux really got bad and she stopped eating well...for about a week before I finally took her in to be evaluated (along with the hemangioma). She had gone from nursing 25-30 min per feed to 6 min on average and she was pulling off arching her back, and batting her fists at me and squirming all around. No amount of burping made this girl any better she just refused to eat anymore. Her daily wet diaper count went way down and she started to act really anxious when it got time to eat. Her pedi said she has developed a pretty severe case of reflux and that the acids were starting to irritate the back of her throat, which was red upon exam. She started her on Zantac and I kid you not after the first dose she ate 20 minutes for the first time in a week! She also had started waking up randomly at 4am that week...fussing but she wouldn't eat...she had been sleeping thru the night so this was unusual...she would act uncomfortable waking off and on until 7am when she would get up for the day and still not eat well....after 4 days on the Zantac she started sleeping 13+ hours. In fact the first night was 13 hours and 45 minutes! I panicked when Hunter woke me up at 8:15 that morning and I saw the clock....I thought for sure I had forgotten to turn on her monitor or that she had stopped breathing. I ran in her room and she was still snoozin away! She slept till 8:45am! She has been eating like a champ ever since and I figured out that she eats better if I space them out by 3.5-4 hours instead of 2.5-3 hours like she had been doing. So all in all she is doing great! I will admit, I am kind of bummed that I have to wake her up now for a middle of the night feed to give her the new hemangioma medicine, but I know it's temporary.

This girl is the most mobile 3 month old I have ever seen! She can inch her way from one side of her crib to the other in under a minute flat. I put her in facing one way on one end of the crib and by the time I get downstairs and look at the monitor she is on the other end of the crib facing the complete opposite direction. Yes...she is a tummy sleeper...remember how I said she can't stand to be on her back? She can actually tolerate it for playtime now for like 30 minutes, which is a record for her, before she was on Zantac it was a few minutes tops and those few minutes she looked absolutely miserable. She also rolled over for the first time at 12 weeks and now she does it all the time in her crib. When she wakes up she rolls over to her back and starts cooing and playing. She is really trying to get from her back to her stomach but that one is a little harder to do, but she is sooooo close. She LOVES to sit up, I keep her upright after she eats either in my lap, in the bumbo or the jumper (she can't reach the ground though so I just put towels under her and she kind of swings/bounces around). But she LOVES it. She stayed in it for 45 minutes the other day just smiling and cooing and looking around. She loves to stand holding on to our hands (which is why I pulled out the jumper) and she does the little mini crunch when she is on her back, just trying to sit up. When she is in her car seat and we look back at her her neck is always all the way forward trying to sit up (like chin to chest) she just always wants to see what's going on around her.

She is a drooling machine now! Her fists, arms, and toys are always in her mouth. She will chew on anything! When she sits in the Bumbo (which she will tolerate about 15 min) she leans forward so she can chew on the side of it....drool just running down the side.

She wears 3-6 month clothes, she still squeezing in to size 1 diapers although when she finishes this box she is moving to 1-2's. She sleeps 12-13 hours at night uninterrupted usually 7p-8a. She usually takes 3 (1.5-2 hour naps) or 2 longer naps (2 hour and 3+hour nap). She can only stay awake for about 1-1.5 hours right now before she starts yawning and quieting down...ready to be put down again.

She usually sleeps in her crib but Jordan wanted to nap with her on his chest before he left for training camp, so he could get in some last minute sweet baby girl snuggles.

She loves being outside, she loves when big brother gets in her face and plays with her or talks to her. She loves eye contact and will squeal and coo the second you look at her or start talking to her. She is always in a pleasant mood and is so sweet....even when her reflux was at it's worst she took it like a champ. I could tell she was so uncomfortable by her body language and the look on her face but she was always up for some playtime and soaked up eye contact.

I was finally able to finish her room and take pictures this week!

Since we can't paint the rooms we decided to get creative with some ribbon :-) (Papa and Vivi did this part for me when they were in town a few weeks ago)


Becky said...

LOVE the room! I can't wait to see it in person soon. She has grown so much in just a few weeks that we will have to get re-acquainted!

Holly said...

I LOVE the room too!! So cute!! And i really like the ribbon on the wall decoration! Great creativity. Good work! I can't believe how big she is getting. I absolutely loved the first pic of her smiling in her car seat. SOOOOO precious! I'm glad you were able to get some meds for the reflux, I know that made all the difference in Addison, too. And we'll be praying for the treatment for her eye!!

Simpsons said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! She looks so old in these pics! I just can't wait to squeeze her next week!

My nephews (Mason and Dylan) both have/had hemangiomas. Mason's was on his chest and it was the same size as Addison's, maybe a bit larger, and it's completely faded and gone now. Dylan's is on his head and it has gone down significantly and still fading. They didn't even know there was an option to treat them! I will have to share this info with Holly since Dylan's is still there!

Jaime said...

Big brother is enjoying his role, I love it.
I cannot believe how tall Madison looks in the jumper picture! I can def see that she's 95% for height! I'm glad you have her reflux under control. She looks like a very happy baby. You did a great job on her room, looks nice and cozy. :)