Friday, August 27, 2010

Nana visits

This past week Nana came to Florida to hang out with us and to be here for my birthday! It's always nice having momma around because she is just like me, so it cuts my duties in half, it's like having 2 of me around! Hunter loved having his Nana here to play with him and he seemed pretty sad when she left. He kept running into our guest room, which he called Nana's room, looking for her.

They had fun building the alphabet puzzle and playing games with it
Nana (and the speech pathologist in her) is always so impressed with Hunter's "R" sounds but he has a tendency, like many 2 year olds, to replace "Y" with and "L" and "L" with a "W". I am always a little more in tune with this stuff after being around her. I hear it all day long but her gentle reminders to Hunter help me remember to work on those sounds with him on a daily basis. So, after she left we were playing and he saw a lizard. He said mommy I see the "wizard" and I repeated the word lizard with a strong emphasis on the "L" and he repeated it back to me perfectly with a strong emphasis on the "L". I clapped and said good job buddy! And he said "crap crap crap mommy", as he clapped his hands with me. I couldn't help but laugh....clearly we have not mastered the full spectrum of the "L" yet ;-)
There were extra snuggly arms to go around...which Hunter LOVED
It's so nice that all of our family makes it a priority to see us every few months so that the kids know who they are no matter the distance between us.
I wasn't very good at taking pictures this time around because I realized, after Nana left, that I didn't get any pics of her and Madison :-/

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Training Camp 2010

Jordan's 8th NFL training camp is coming to a close tomorrow afternoon. It's hard to believe it's been 8 years already! Hunter and I were able to go watch a few practices, and see his scrimmage and take him lunch between two-a-day practices a few times. We got to see him about every 3 or 4 days for a few minutes here and there which made the time he was gone go by much faster. We didn't have it quite as good as last year though since we live 45 minutes from the stadium now. Last year we lived in the Condo that shared a parking lot with their hotel so him dropping by a few minutes here and there was actually possible. Coach was really awesome about letting the guys off a night here or there if they had good practices though so no complaining here!

I took Hunter to practice a few times and he played in the family tent with all his little buddies until he got to run on the field afterwards and see daddy. He was always so excited to go and he begged to wear his jersey every single time. In fact that's all he wants to wear these days, I have to hide it from him so he will actually wear something else on most days because if he sees that's over!
It was pretty hot out at practice, even at night. Hunter cooled off with a gatorade :-)
He had so much fun playing with daddy and running all over the field

So adorable
I love this picture
After practice the fans are all lined up for autographs waiting for the players to walk by on their way to the locker room. As we were waiting for Jordan to sign autographs a guy asked Hunter for his autograph. Hunter had been watching daddy do it for about 15 min. so he knew what to do I guess because he walked right over took the pen and drew a line and then handed back and goes "there ya go"! He was a real crowd pleaser :-)

One night they had a formal scrimmage at the stadium...

Hunter spotted daddy on the field when he took his helmet off
He had fun playing with the Caden and the McCown and Kampman boys

After the scrimmage Hunter joined daddy on the field to sign autographs

Hunter joined Jordan for a post scrimmage interview

Love these two
While Jordan was in camp the kids and I had about 10 days to ourselves before family and friends came in town to keep us company. I decided to work on the kids rooms during my 10 days alone to keep myself busy. Madison's room was already well on it's way to being done. But I re-did Hunter's too. I bought these little ride on animals (they hold 140 pounds!) and blew up some poster sized pictures of him over the past 2 years to hang around his room. He had a Thomas the train bed set but I was tired of it not matching the green walls and animal themed curtains that came with the house. So we embraced it and he now has an animal themed room, and he LOVES it! He has been calling it his NEW bed for weeks now. I am curious to see how long it stays his "new" bed.

Before Jordan left for camp he and I were talking about how crazy it is that in just 3 weeks Madison would change so much. It's hard to believe how much she has started doing since he left just 3 weeks ago. I texted him every time something new happened and he was always sad he missed it. Today she rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time. She rolled over belly to back a few weeks ago (also while he was in camp) so now she is just a rolling machine! She just looks so different in pictures at 3.5 months compared to 2.5 months it's amazing! Since he left she has started laughing, and cooing and playing with toys and rolling both ways and jumping in the jumper and sitting up supported on her arms and sleeping 13 hours a night. It's just crazy how much has changed! He will have to get totally reacquainted with her!

This is Madison's favorite hangout spot right now...
She loves to sit upright in the boppy. She uses her arms/elbows and the pillow around her for support and just looks around as happy as a clam! She is ALL ABOUT being upright. The second we lay her down she immediately starts craning her neck to sit back up. She also loves to face out in the BJorn when I grocery shop. She is such a watcher. She loves to be wherever the action is and she just quietly takes it all in.

She is watching her crazy brother sing and dance to Mickey Mouse's "hot dog" song
Hunter has been super sweet and on his best behavior the past few weeks. He is such a pleaser and a helper. He LOVES to help with anything Madison. His favorite thing is to run and get her up in the mornings so I always go get him first and then we go together to get Madison up. He runs to the door and says "I'm gonna go get Madison" and he runs in her room turns on the light climbs up in her crib and says "hey Madison, did you sleep good? I sleep good." Then he runs to the changing table and says "my turn" which means his turn to get his diaper changed. Then as soon as he is done he says "it's Madison's turn" and he helps me change her diaper. He loves to do dishes and laundry and play on the floor with Madison when she is having floor time. He brings her toys and tries to show her how to use them. He loves taking baths with her but has a tendency to be a little TOO helpful there, with the water and all, so I have to watch pretty closely! He has been such a good boy to me these past few weeks. God knew I needed MERCY and HE provided!

Trying to show Madison how to play with her new rattle

She would rather just chew on it

Getting bedtime and bath time done without Jordan's help is a bit more challenging but these two do great together!
It's been an eventful and challenging 3 weeks without daddy around but we are so thankful for all the visitors that came through to help break up the time! It's times like these when I realize just how much Jordan does to help out around the house and with the kids. He was definitely MISSED!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aunt Hayley meets Madison!

My younger sister Hayley came to Florida this weekend to meet Madison for the first time. She had a rough time getting here with a delayed flight that caused her to miss her connection and almost be stuck in Atlanta overnight. She sprinted across that HUGE airport countless times until she was drenched in sweat trying to chase down planes that she could possibly catch before finally just about giving up but by the grace of God she somehow managed to get on the last flight out (which was also delayed just enough for her to catch it) and she made it to the house by about 2am. After a long day of traveling she crashed shortly after arriving. Jordan had his first preseason game that night in Philly and he got to come home for 24 hours and he got home at about 3am. So, needless to say it was a night of little sleep for all of us! The kids slept through it all and were up at 8am the next morning ready to play with their aunt Hayley!

Madison was all smiles for Hayley as she got to meet her for the first time.
Haylo is such a good Aunt...she loves her babies
And her babies love her!
Hunter and Hayley making a video on her computer

Drawing together

We had a blast hanging out although it was WAY too short! We can't wait for her to return for the home opener against Denver in just 4 short weeks!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hemangioma day 10 update

Madison has been on the Propranolol for 10 days now. The Cardiologist said that any side effects should hopefully be cleared up by day 10 as her body slowly adjusts to the medication. He also said we would see the most drastic change in the hemangioma in the first 48 hours of treatment. I decided to take pictures everyday for the first 10 days so I could more easily see the difference it has made.

This was just before her first dose. The hemangioma is at it's biggest here and she can barely open her left eye enough to see out of it
48 hours later, and after only 6 half doses (the first 3 days she took a half dose then on day 3 we doubled the dose to get her up to a full dose for the remainder of the treatment). She can open her eye!
Day 10. The diameter is still about the same but the puffiness is down so much that it fits into the crease of her eye when she opens it, which actually allows her to open it.

It has also changed from a bright red color to a more pale pinkish blue color. Supposedly it will just continue to fade into a grey blue and then flesh color and flatten out until it's no longer visible.

As for the side effects... let's just say I uttered the words "I hate this medicine" about 10,000 times over the last 10 days. To be honest, it could have been worse, but every unfavorable side effect listed...she has had. Nothing terribly serious or was all listed under "normal side effects" but still not what you want for your 3 month old. I understand now why the Cardiologist said he won't treat hemangiomas except for in the extreme circumstances (such as Madison's). I mean we really didn't have a choice if we wanted her vision to develop so I am thankful for this option but it hasn't been easy!

For starters no one mentioned to us that the number one side effect of Propranolol is INSOMNIA. I found that one out on my own....and after seeing how she was acting so strange after the first dose, I quickly read the entire pamphlet front to back to find out why on earth my baby girl was acting so crazy. At first, my good sleeper (note she had been falling asleep on her own since birth and sleeping 13 hours at night for at least a week before we started the meds) turned into a wired baby that COULD NOT fall asleep no matter how tired she was. Up to this point I think the longest she had ever stayed awake at any given time was maybe 2 hours (and that's generous). After her first dose of meds at 3:30pm she was awake from 4pm-11:30pm and she COULD NOT fall asleep no matter what I tried. She was EXHAUSTED, I was pretty worried at this point because she had only had ONE dose and it was only a half dose. Fortunately she finally crashed and slept till morning but seemed restless, tossing and turning and grunting all night long. The second day she couldn't fall asleep on her own for naps or nighttime and within 2 hours of each dose her blood sugars would tank and she would be sweaty and clammy and fussy and ravenous despite my giving her a full feed with each dose (she had been easily going 3.5-4 hours between feeds before this). So the first 5 days or so it was like she was a newborn again eating every 2-2.5 hours all day and night and had to either be rocked forever so she could get into a deep sleep or have her paci replaced 4,547 times so she could fall asleep and stay asleep. Finally about day 6 she started acting a little more normal with eating and sleeping and started falling asleep more easily, taking longer naps (2-3 hours) and sleeping all night long (7pm-8am with me waking her at 11:30pm and 8am for a dose and full feed).

The hardest part of this has been visibly seeing the signs of her blood sugar dropping. Sometimes I could see her squirming in the middle of the night a few hours after her 11:30pm dose and I would go check on her and she would be drenched in sweat and I would wake her to feed her because I knew her blood sugar was low and she would CHOW DOWN and go back to sleep. I guess she was so tired she didn't wake up despite her bottomed out blood sugar levels. Another, less serious side effect, is that it makes her hands and feet turn blue and they are constantly FREEZING. That hasn't changed over the last 10 days so that may not go away.

She has to take the meds at the same time everyday give or take 30 min in each direction, so we have to wake her up and feed her even if she is DEAD asleep and it breaks my heart to do that since she is having a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes JUST as she is able to finally fall asleep I have to go wake her up and force meds and food down her throat even though she is EXHAUSTED but you gotta do what you gotta do! I keep repeating to myself "it's only temporary" every time, and I could be much worse.

Now that she has adjusted a bit more a typical day for her is:
8am I wake her up and she gets her first full dose and full feed (30min)
9:30-11:00am first nap
11:00am full feed (30 min)
12:30-3:30pm 2nd nap
3:30pm second dose and full feed (30 min)
4:30-5:15pm 3rd nap
6:30pm full feed (30 min)
7:00pm bedtime
11:30pm I wake her for last dose and full feed (30 min)

So she can stretch to 3 hours between feeds after a dose but can go 3.5-4 hours between feeds the further away she gets from her dose. So I can tell she is doing much better with blood sugar levels. Not to mention that she is back to sleeping all night except for when I wake her. It's been 3 days since her blood sugar has visibly dropped to where she shows symptoms so hopefully that is behind us. I just hope it stays that way. Hopefully by my next update I will have long forgotten these first 10 days and she will be just taking it in stride as she has been the past 3 or 4 days. Despite the rough start, I am truly thankful that we have this option, as it is really is the best option available.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lauren and Sophie in Florida!

This past week my best friend from Physical Therapy school came to Jacksonville to keep us company while Jordan is at camp. Lauren, and and her husband Brian, actually moved to Houston shortly after we did and we were neighbors for a while before we moved to Jacksonville. It was so awesome to have her so close and get to experience the transition into motherhood along side her. She has a 21 month old daughter, Sophie and baby number 2 is on the way due in January.

We saw them briefly 2 months ago, when we were at Disney, and Sophie and Hunter had fun chasing each other around, so Hunter was SUPER excited when I told him Sophie was coming to see him because he could actually remember who she was. Hunter is at the age where he grasps the concept of anticipation of an event but he doesn't have the patience to anticipate said event longer then the IMMEDIATE future. So unless I want him to ask 5,473 times "where is Sophie, I wanna play with Sophie, Sophie is coming to play, Sophie is on an airplane." etc. then I have to be very careful at how far ahead of time I inform him of said event. Well, I made the mistake of telling him the day before they were coming instead of the day of so ALL I HEARD about for the next 24 hours was about Sophie. He wouldn't rest until he could at least see pictures of her so I had to pull up Lauren's blog just to get him to stop talking about it for a few moments. It really is pretty cute as long as I stick to the 5 minute rule...which is don't talk about doing something until it's at least 5 minutes from happening because that's about all the patience this 2 year old has!

Hunter and Madison playing together just before they arrived
He is so sweet with her. It's going to be fun to watch these two grow up together
The week was pretty laid back. Hunter and Sophie played very well together and they were exceptionally nice the first day during the honeymoon phase.
We made a trip to the beach one afternoon and Sophie loved every bit of it
Hunter enjoyed giving Sophie rides on his train

Madison had fun getting extra love from Lauren
and Sophie
Lauren mentioned she was curious to see how Sophie will act when baby number 2 arrives... judging from how she was with Maddie, it's safe to say she has NOTHING to worry about. She LOVED Madison.
The kiddos all snuggled up with Lauren to watch Mickey Mouse
It was SO good to have Lauren and Sophie come for a visit. It definitely helped pass the time while Jordan is at camp. It's always good to catch up with Lauren and see our kiddos play together. We can't wait to meet baby Simpson number 2!