Thursday, July 15, 2010

Swim lessons

We are in Dallas this week for Madison's debut and we decided it would be the perfect week for Hunter to take swimming lessons! A long time family friend of ours, Brenda Avance, teaches lessons every summer and made time for Hunter this week. He did sooooo good! He has never been afraid of the water or anything so we aren't that surprised that he did well. He loves the ocean and is totally fearless there and spent all last summer at the pool in our condo we lived in. It has always worried me though because he doesn't really have any pool safety skills and he is not afraid of the pool at all which is a dangerous combination!
He took lessons for 30 min a day for 4 days this week. Each day he did better and better and got more and more brave. The biggest thing they worked on was making sure he closed his mouth when he went under. At first he would take a deep breath but keep his mouth wide open and end up swallowing some water. We were cracking up because he seemed anxious when she would tell him they were going to do something new but then afterwards he would come up laughing and saying "I DID IT!!". Once he had done everything she asked at least once his anxiety and nervous laugh went away and he happily complied with what she wanted him to do.
His favorite thing was kicking and monkey walking around the pool. It helps that he is obsessed with Curious George so we would tell him to be like George and monkey walk around the edge of the pool.
He loved getting to dive for the toys on the bottom. He was very particular about which toys he would be getting.
One thing I love about the way Brenda teaches is she is so encouraging and tells him very specifically what she likes about the things he is doing. She also helped Jordan and I understand why she does things the way she does. For instance she said it's important that when they jump in off the side they don't jump into your arms but instead jump in and immediately swim back to the side of the pool and monkey walk to the steps. I was so glad she told us that because automatically I just assumed I would have him jump to me but for survival you want them to know to automatically go right back to the side. It makes perfect sense once you think about it because if your kid falls in and you aren't there they wouldn't know to turn and go to the side because they are used to just jumping out to mom and dad. Jordan and I were AMAZED at how quickly he caught on. By the second day he would jump in and immediately turn around and swim back to the side and monkey walk to the step. It's crazy how quickly they catch on!

He pretty much spent the entire lesson laughing and giggling about everything he was doing. He was so proud of himself!
At the end of each session when Mrs. Brenda would let him out of the pool he would come sprinting over to me for a big hug giggling and laughing with such pride. It was sooo precious!

Vivi kept Madison company during his lessons

This is a video of Hunter swimming between Brenda and Jordan

Nana, Noah and Chloe came to watch today and Hunter enjoyed getting to show off for them

He loved jumping off the diving board

I love this's at the end of the last day (today) you can see how proud of himself he is as he runs over to me for a hug.

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The Tenner Trio said...

Awwwh! I LOVE the videos, especially of Hunter running up to you so proud!! I'm so impressed he's such a quick study and loved it too. So cool that Mrs. Avance taught him - she's amazing at that and that's so special for her too, I'm sure! Beautiful pictures of Maddie and Vivi - I can already see the bond! :-)