Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Hunter had a lot of fun this year. We bought some "goods" and let him stay up late to play with them and watch the fireworks show at the beach. He LOVED it!

playing with sparklers


watching daddy set off the Roman candles

Papa and Vivi came down for a few days on their way back from Savannah. Papa got to meet Madison for the first time!

My sweet little buddy

Madison snuggling her Vivi

We ate dinner at Caps on the water so Hunter could play on the beach while we waited
He had fun with his Papa
Maddie is giving Vivi some smiles

Vivi reading Hunter his favorite book
Jordan and I took the kids to the park
Maddie had fun just watching her toys blow in the wind. She loves being outside.
Next up... Madison's Dallas Debut and our annual lake trip with friends...only this year it's the "ranch trip" :-)

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