Thursday, June 3, 2010

1 month old!

Madison is already a month old! This has been such a fun month getting to know her little personality. She spent the first 3 weeks or so sleeping. We had to wake her up for just about every feeding and it still seemed as though she slept right through all her feedings too. Right around her due date, which was last week, she started becoming more alert, just like her neonatologist told us she would. So, this past week has been really fun getting to see little parts of her personality. She has started making eye contact the past few days and she had her first 2 reactive smiles this in she smiled in response to something we did instead of the fleeting/dreamy/gassy smiles that we usually get. When she looks at us, it's as if there is something behind the look, like she really sees us and knows who we are.

She is somewhere between 8 and 9 pounds and is still squeezing in to newborn clothes for the most part but she wears 0-3 footed pj's. She is in the process of growing out of newborn diapers, we can't fasten them around her big ole belly after she eats so when she finishes this package she will be in 1's full time.
She nurses full time and can consistently finish in 30 minutes most times, which is a major improvement from her early days :-). She gets one pumped bottle a day from Jordan (about 4 ounces usually) at her 10:00pm feed so I can go to bed early. She goes to bed around 7:30/8:00 (same as big brother) we wake her at 10pm for one last feed and then she sleeps 5.5-6 hours which is usually until around 3:30-4:00am. She pretty much dream feeds that middle of the night feed and then goes back to sleep until I wake her at 7:00am to start the day. I figured out pretty quickly that its much easier to feed her BEFORE Hunter wakes up for the day even if it means me getting up 45 minutes earlier. Otherwise they both wake up at about 7:45 starving and wanting mommy to do something about it, and neither one of them are patient when it comes to hunger! Hunter usually wakes up at 7:45 so getting her up at 7:00 allows me to feed her, eat breakfast and take a shower all before little buddy gets up!

Hunter adores Madison and loves giving her random kisses
Hunter taught Madison how to play with her toys

Hunter likes spotting Madison during tummy time

Cheering her on and offering her a water break

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The Tenner Trio said...

So, so beautiful!! I can't believe it's been a month and I know you guys can't either! I'm so happy she's eating so well, sleeping so well and you and Jordan are figuring out a routine/schedule that works for everyone! I LOVE the new pictures of her too!! I know it's nearly impossible to capture everything, but I really love the pictures with Hunter helping Madison!