Monday, June 28, 2010

Hunter happenings

It seems like every post in the last 2 months has centered around Madison so I thought I would do one just about Hunter. He is getting so big and so smart it just blows us away sometimes! He is SUPER sweet with Madison, almost shockingly sweet. There has been very little jealousy issues if any at all. In fact the jealousy he does show is he doesn't want anyone touching HIS Madison. When Kaitlyn was here last week she went over to Madison and touched her and leaned down and kissed her and Hunter ran over and said "NO, MY MADISON" and then leaned over and kissed Madison on top of where Kaitlyn did as if erasing Kaitlyn's kiss. It's pretty sweet to see actually, and funny.

Hunter loves entertaining Madison
He's so curious about her

and sweet with her

It's obvious he absolutely adores her
Jordan tells him all the time that he has to protect Madison and take care of her as her big brother. I love to see how he is with her and I hope he always feels protective of her.

It's been really nice to have such a big helper these days. He has really taken to that role nicely. He loves to fetch diapers, wipes, give Maddie her paci (whether she needs it or not), attempt to share his food and drinks with her, cover her with blankets and tell her night night (even if she is just playing on the floor with her toys), rub her back to wake her up from her naps, watch her get her diaper changed and most of all he loves to burp her and gets mad if I help...he even uses sound effects.

He asked to push her in the stroller the other day and then suddenly wanted to get in it as well and have me push them both. He insisted I buckle him in too :-) This kid LOVES to go places. They look so cute side by side, he looks so big compared to Madison.
He loves going on play dates and will usually wake up in the morning telling me he needs to get dressed, go in the big black car and see Caden and get chicken nuggets. It changes everyday though, some days it's Elijah and Jonah he needs to go see and some days he needs to go to the grocery store or the beach or get in the stroller. Either way he wakes up with a full day planned in his head. Sometimes I hear him practicing telling me his plans over the monitor before I go get him out of his room. He is still a great sleeper and sleeps about 12 hours a night usually 8-8 but he will play quietly in his bed for 30-45 min when he wakes up so that makes it nice! He naps from 1-4 or 1-3:30 depending on what we do in the mornings. He will nap 3 hours if we get out and do something to burn off some energy...if not it's more like 2-2.5 hours.

He plays at the beach like its a much sand to be moved
He loves his play room with ALL of his toys, I got tired of seeing toys all over the house so it is ALL in ONE room now. He is very polite for the most part, says please, thank you, bless you, I'm sorry, yes m'am (to me AND Jordan haha). For the most part he is very mild mannered and has an easy temperament. He shows typical "2" year old signs when he plays with other 2 year olds....has trouble sharing, steals toys and says "MINE" really loud but shortly after they leave he is back to his usual easy going self. I say all the time Hunter can play with ANYONE so long as there aren't any toys. If he is left to being outside and using his imagination he gets along BEAUTIFULLY with all kids, it's actually more fun to watch because I feel like he learns from other kids when he has to use his imagination.

Hunter loves to pretend to fall he is waiting outside of Toy Story 3, no toys to fight over just Hunter and his friends running around playing together. Hunter "fell down" and his buddies followed suit (an example of them playing with their imagination, it's just so cute!)

He is somewhat interested in potty training. We haven't pushed it because I know they are ready when their ready. He asks sometimes to use it but has yet to follow through. If we ask him he responds VERY enthusiastically "YEAH I WANT TO" but he doesn't do it...he doesn't REALLY want to yet.

He is still really into cars, trains, helicopters, planes pretty much any toy that moves or is suppose to move. He LOVES the beach and being outside.

His favorite foods are broccoli, plane meat (not a big fan of casseroles or things with sauce), shark goodies, cheerios, waffles, pancakes, bread of any kind, jelly, rice, carrots, blue berries, grapes and still loves his milk. He started doing the holding the food in his mouth thing that I hear a lot of 2 year olds do. Sometimes I think it's a power thing..."I will eat it but I won't swallow" or "I will hold this in my mouth as long as I want to" and sometimes I think he actually just wants to hold stuff in his mouth.

Case in point

The first time we saw him do this was at Disney world last month. We had been out all morning and came back to the hotel for naps. We ordered room service for lunch and Hunter ate great! He had a sandwich and grapes and then went down for a 3 hour nap. When he woke up he was talking with a lisp. I asked him what was in his mouth and he wouldn't open it. After much prying I finally was able to retrieve the object from his was a HUGE grape like the diameter of a silver dollar that he had stored in the roof of his mouth for a 3 hour nap! was still in tact though believe it or not.

Other times its chewed up food that he stores...disgusting....we are afraid he will spit it out somewhere or choke on it (he usually does it at the end of the meal on his last bite) so Jordan has had to force him to spit it out by holding his nose because he REFUSES to spit it out! I have no idea why he does it or when this phase will stop but it actually hasn't happened in last 4 days which is the longest stretch he has gone since he started it last month. Either way we aren't sure how to approach it other than to make him spit it out. It's usually stuff he likes too so I don't think it has anything to do with him not wanting to swallow it because he doesn't like the food.

On that note he LOVES gum. This kid can find gum anywhere. The first time I gave him gum was on a plane during decent. I tore a piece in half so now he thinks all pieces must be torn in half. He will bring me a piece of gum and ask me to "fix it" which means tear it for him. He takes 1 half and gives me the other whether I want it or not. But then he proceeds to do this with 3 more pieces so by the end he actually has like 3 pieces in his mouth :-) I usually just let him have the 1 piece though.

Jordan and I laugh hysterically at this kid on a daily basis. I just love listening to him talk and tell us things. He just says things in such a literal way and he loves to repeat any and every thing we say. It's funny to hear him say part of normal adult conversation. It seems like he will pick out the most complicated word or group of words to repeat and it sounds cute coming from him.

When Kaitlyn was here last week we had a good time watching them interact. They each have their own routine and way of doing things. At mealtime when we would pray Hunter would bow his head in his crossed arms as he always does and Kaitlyn would try to hold hands with him as she always does. So the first few seconds of every prayer Kaitlyn was yelling at Hunter to hold hands and Hunter would give her a weird look and bow his head in his hands. It was cracking us up...they are such creatures of habit and routine they COULD NOT break it for each other.

Hunter is such a joy in our lives and makes us smile EVERY SINGLE DAY. We cannot imagine our lives without him and wouldn't want to!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amber and Kaitlyn's visit

This week Amber and Kaitlyn came to Jacksonville for a week long visit to meet Madison and play with Hunter. This was the first time Hunter and Kaitlyn have been old enough to play really well together. It was so much fun to see those two interact. They were pretty sweet to each other for the most part but of course there where the typical sharing toys issues but what else do you expect from 2 toddlers who are used to having their toys all to themselves?! The best was when they played together without toys they would just follow each other around and copy each other. It was a lot of fun to see them interact.

It was like no time had passed at all since the last time they were together :-)

They were especially fond of sharing drinks...

Amber got to meet Madison for the first time and get in some 7 week old newborn snuggles
Amber is actually expecting baby number 2 this New Years!
Madison is growing so fast and changing so much everyday

Hunter had fun showing Kaitlyn how much fun it is to have a baby in the house...Maddie was such a good sport

Kaitlyn thought is was really fun!

Hunter was proud of himself

They shared Hunter's bucket of toys nicely

We pulled the bumbo down for Madison a few weeks was a big hit this week with the older kids
Madison enjoyed watching them from the bumbo

they fought over who got to sit in it when Madison wasn't using it

They spent lots of time in the play room

Most mornings we went for a walk after breakfast

followed by a trip to the beach
Kaitlyn loves the beach just as much as Hunter does
Madison enjoyed the beach from the comforts of her car seat and fan
One night we all went out to eat at Caps on the Water

Madison slept through the whole meal
The kids couldn't wait to finish eating so they could go look for fish in the water
Kaitlyn was just SURE she saw one
We had an ice cream outing too

After naps each day the kids played outside some more. One day Jordan thought it would be fun to catch a fish from the pond and put it in their little swimming pool
Jordan making the transfer
They thought it was pretty cool!


Our little water babies
They played so well together...

...mostly because Kaitlyn tolerated Hunter's idea of "playing together" by letting him dump water over her head...over and over and over. She was SUCH a trooper! We all got a pretty good laugh out of that.
"what's so funny mom?"

"what's a girl gotta do to get some milk around here?!"


Amber loving on our kiddos on her last night
They just love her :-)

She wanted to feed Madison one last time before heading back home :-(
It was so good to spend time with them this week. We can't wait to spend more time together at the Ranch next month! Just a few weeks away!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Girl's weekend

Last weekend Sara and Christine came to stay and meet Madison. Christine is 28 weeks pregnant so this was one of her last trips out of town before Brody's arrival in September! It was such a good weekend. It's always good to have some good quality girlfriend time. We try to get together a few times a year, we usually have a bigger group but Amy is traveling the world and Dre couldn't make it this weekend :-(

Christine loving on Madison

Sara snuggling Hunter and Madison

Christine got a pregnancy craving for smores and pickles so Jordan went to the store for supplies and we roasted marshmallows over the gas stove!

Hunter and Christine "kiki" snuggling as she tells him all about baby Brody

It was so good to see my girls and hang out for the weekend. We won't see each other again until December! By then Brody will be here and Madison will be 7 months old!