Saturday, May 22, 2010

A week with Vivi

The day Madison was born happened to be the day my mom had to leave to go back to Dallas. She had spent the whole weekend I was in labor taking care of me and Hunter as we all anticipated Madison's arrival! We knew it would be soon so Vivi was due to arrive just a few hours after my mom left so that we would be covered if I delivered Madison that day. It turns out I did deliver her that day and with 20 minutes to spare...for my mom to get to hold her before heading to the airport. Vivi's flight ended up being cancelled that night due to rain but the next morning she was on the first flight out to Jacksonville. Jordan and Hunter picked her up from the airport and brought her straight to the hospital to meet her first grand-daughter. Madison of course was already in the NICU, at this point, but luckily their policy was that parents AND grandparents were the only ones allowed to visit the babies, so she got to go in and see her. She wasn't able to hold her though until a few days later when Madison was more stable.

First time Vivi held Madison (just a few days old)

Hunter and I had lunch and a little quality time together in my room while Jordan and Vivi visited Maddie in the NICU
Vivi was such a huge help to us that week that Madison was in the hospital. She kept Hunter for us all week while I was in the hospital and after I was discharged and trekking back and forth 45 min each way to visit Maddie in the NICU. To say Hunter had a blast would be an understatement! He thoroughly enjoyed having Vivi's undivided attention all week long. I don't think he even had time to notice that Jordan and I weren't really around! They made numerous trips to the beach and went on walks outside. They made me a personalized Mother's day card and and came and visited me in the hospital everyday.

A week after she was born we brought Madison home...On Mother's day. As we rounded the corner to our street we saw Hunter and Vivi anxiously awaiting our arrival!

They drew us a welcome home sign on the driveway and Hunter chased us all the way home on his bike. As soon as we got home we took Madison out of the car and set her down so Hunter could see her. He was pretty excited, his first words were "oh there you are!"

We brought her inside and Hunter warmed up to her pretty quickly, although he kept a healthy but curious distance at first. He offered her the pink bear he had been "taking care of" while she was in my belly :-)

He climbed up in Vivi's lap and began pointing out things on Madison's body and talking about her.

It took Hunter a few days to get comfortable approaching Madison, he would kind of just watch her from a distance and ask about her, but now he is in LOVE with her. He LOVES to burp her, watch her drink her milk, get diapers and wipes for her, tell us when she is dirty (which usually means he is the dirty one), throw away her diapers and watch her get her diaper changed and take her baths. He is such a big helper and a sweet big brother to her and he showers her with kisses all the time. He really hasn't shown any jealousy yet, but the closest thing I have seen is when he sees me nursing her he suddenly wants to cuddle too, which is cute. It can make for a pretty crowded chair but I wouldn't have it any other way! Nothing better than holding my two babies!

I think it really helped the transition having Vivi there to give Hunter undivided attention when we brought Madison home. He didn't really notice that Jordan and I were a little more preoccupied because he had PLENTY of playtime and attention 24/7.
Madison checking out her Vivi

Vivi spent the week reading Hunter his big brother book, which he loved, and it also helped him grasp the concept of what was about to happen in his little world.
A big thank you to Vivi for taking a week off to come here to take care of us and help us with the transition. Thank you for all the meals you cooked, laundry and house cleaning you did and most of all the snuggles and lovin with our kiddos. You were such a big help in the process and we can't wait for you to return!

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Jaime said...

Very nice. The picture of Hunter chasing you down the street on his bike made me cry! So sweet. Reminds me how blessed I am too, to have happy healthy kids. :) <3