Saturday, May 29, 2010

A week with Nana

The weekend I was on delivery watch Nana came to take care of me and Hunter while Jordan was in mini camp. D-day, May 3rd, was Jordan's last day of camp (2-a-days) in the HEAT. His coaches knew that I was just barely hanging on and that I could go at any minute, so they were prepared to get a phone call from me requesting that Jordan come to the hospital (which is minutes from the stadium).

I think secretly Jordan was hoping Madison would arrive one of the 3 days he was in mini camp so he could get out of mandatory practice and then taunt all his buddies from his cold hospital room while they worked their butts off in the Florida heat :-).

On his last day of mini camp, May 3rd, he had pretty much given up hope on that dream but then at 10:30am that morning I called the Jags to let them know it was time! Jordan was out on the field practicing when he saw Van (the guy I had called) run out to coach Del Rio, with his phone in hand. Moments later Del Rio yelled "Black" and waived him off the field. The whole team cheered for him as he trotted off the field into the locker room to shower and go watch his baby girl be born! I am sure the fans that were there watching practice were wondering what all the commotion was about. I am telling this because I don't want to forget these little details about the day she was born.

I think the second time around is a little easier on the dads, well it was easier for me too! But, with Hunter, Jordan was very nervous the whole time I was in labor. With Madison...he surfed the internet looking at and taunting his team-mates by text message just like I knew he would! Meanwhile I was laying in bed next to him getting ready to deliver his baby girl! It's funny to tell now but truth is I was laughing at him then too :-) When the time came though, with both kids, he was A-m-a-z-i-n-g. He was so encouraging and is always just in awe of the whole process. He always makes me feel good and is so supportive, bringing me wet towels to bite on to help with me deal the pain/pressure.

So back to Nana's visit... I had told the nurses I need to have Madison by 5pm so my mom can see her! Not that they have any control over when I deliver but I wanted to make sure that when I said it's time to push that they were ready and didn't make me wait forever like they did with Hunter. So, the time came and I could tell it would be quick, this time I didn't wait for anyone...even though they told me too :) and she came seconds later and they ran and got mom for me. Mom came in just minutes later and was able to hold Madison when she was just a few minutes old before she had to leave to catch a flight home.
Nana returned 3 weeks later (this week) to spend some extended time with us and take care of us some more! I have been feeling pretty good all along and have been back to life as usual since pretty much the day I delivered Madison so I utilized mom's time here to go on a date with Jordan, take my first spin on his Harley, go to bible study kidless and run errands alone! Meanwhile, Nana soaked up time with her grand babies and cooked and cleaned the house for me, she even helped me tackle the dreaded closet (mine and Jordan's) which was OUT OF CONTROL!
Hunter snuggling with his Nana...she knows JUST how to scratch.
Such a sweet big brother
Hunter took the initiative to add some soap to Madison's bath (dial hand soap that is), while Nana bathed her.
Sweet baby girl...she LOVES her baths

My little buddy, he is getting so big
Nana and her babies

Thank you mom for all your help not only before I delivered Madison but this week too. There is nothing like watching your parents love on your kiddos! Can't wait till next time!


Patricia said...

Oh my goodness...she looks just like Jordan in the bath pictures. She is so precious and dainty!! We can't believe how grown up Hunter has been way too long since we have seen him!! Miss ya'll and can't wait for July!

Amber said...

Loved this post, so sweet to see Becky with the kids. I loved the comment that she knows just how to scratch. That is so true, grandma's have the magic touch don't they! Hunter and Madison are adorable, I can't wait to get out there in a few weeks to see them. Madison looks much bigger to me in these pic's already.

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

So sweet - love the very last pic of your mom kissing on Madison! You have beautiful children!