Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Sweet Baby

Madison is 2 weeks old today. I cannot believe it has flown by so fast! Maybe it seems faster because she has only been home for a week but either way time needs to slow down! Now that we have her home the most popular question we get right now is what kind of baby is Madison?...second most common question is what does Hunter think of her?

Madison is such a sweet baby. She is by far the EASIEST baby I could have asked for... so far. I am not naive enough to think that my analysis of her first 2 weeks of life will hold true for the rest of her babyhood :-) but I REALLY have it easy right now. I know a lot of babies that change overnight at the 3 or 6 week mark. But right now our life, with 2, hasn't really changed much. Of course she is still REALLY sleepy and the first few days she was home she was awake maybe 30 minutes a day (in 5 min increments). So, other than feeding her and changing her diaper our days are pretty much the same!

I am getting so much more sleep than I was when I was pregnant with her that I cannot complain about getting up 1 time a night with her. She is soooo sleepy that we have to wake her to eat EVERY and night. When we first brought her home she was pretty underweight from going 3 days in the NICU without eating and of course all newborns lose weight initially. So, we were told we needed to wake her every 3 hours to eat at night...pretty standard. WELL, she had a different opinion! She wasn't hungry every 3 hours at night...she wanted to sleep! So for now I let her go about 4 to 4.5 hours a night before I wake her...since she gained twice as much as she needed to at her last weight check. If she does as well at her next weight check, as she did at her last, I may just let her sleep at night and see what she does, and not wake her! She eats more the longer she goes between night so in the end her intake is the same. She is getting more efficient with nursing too. When she first came home it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep her awake for a feeding so I would have to nurse her then pump and then feed her the pumped bottle. She can take a bottle half asleep but can't nurse half asleep. Sometimes she would be fine after just nursing and sometimes she would nurse an hour and still take a 3 ounce bottle! After a few days like this (8 times a day) it got pretty exhausting but fortunately she stopped taking a bottle afterwards and can now, at her best, knock out a session in 20 minutes, she probably averages more like 30-45 minutes though and occasionally takes an hour...usually when she is super sleepy. So for that reason, I nurse her during the day, pump after our last session...which Jordan then feeds to her at her 10:30pm feed. So if I am diligent about getting to bed early, I get from 9:30p to 3:00a of uninterrupted sleep, and then I wake her and pump and feed her a bottle at the same time (bc she takes a bottle in just 10 min at night and will take 4 whole ounces!)...which means much less awake time for us both! Then I sleep from 3:30a to 7:30a when Hunter gets up for the day. It does get rather complicated to pump and feed/burp her at the same time, but I have 9 months of experience from doing that exclusively with Hunter. During the night she pretty much dream feeds, which means if she was nursing it would take her FOREVER to finish. So I will probably do this until she can be more efficient nurser at night, even though it is much more complicated!

Otherwise, she loves her baths. She has had 2 baths at home and she prefers the tub bath over a sponge bath...who wouldn't?! She got her first sponge bath at home when my sister was in town. My sister came in for about 36 hours so she could photograph her in those crucial first 10 days of newborn squishy sleepiness. It is SOOO nice to have such talent in a sister! I am definitely spoiled rotten! She processed the photos the same day and I have already designed my announcements, just need to put in the order!

As far as Hunter goes he thinks Madison is pretty cool on most days. He is sick right now, and has been since we brought her home. We had him checked out by the pedi when we took Maddie in for her weight check and the pedi said as long as he isn't running a fever she wasn't concerned about Madison getting sick esp. since she has the antibodies from my milk. But we are doing our best to not let him breathe and cough all over her...Jordan is ESPECIALLY protective of Madison :-).

Hunter spent the first few days keeping his distance. He was curious but not sure what to think. Vivian was keeping Hunter while we were in the hospital and she read him his big brother book everyday multiple times so by the time Madison came home Hunter was like FINALLY! He came up to her and the first thing he said was "OH there you are!" He asked to hold her and gave her a kiss on the head just like he used to kiss my belly. He actually has grasped the concept better than we expected. Thankfully he no longer calls my stomach "baby", he actually can see that there isn't a baby in there anymore! He LOVES to help out with her. He pulls up a chair to watch diaper changes, brings us diapers and wipes, enjoys watching her "drinkin her milk" as he calls it. He will run and go grab his milk and say "Hunter's milk" and will sit up next to us and drink his milk while she nurses :-) He did, however, recognize the paci when he saw hers. He grabbed it ran in the other room, where he thought we couldn't see him, and stuck it in his mouth. It wasn't as cool as he remembered it because he was very quickly over it! But he does like to grab it occasionally and test it out for a with him being sick we usually have to keep the paci's out of reach or just get a new one every time.

I am definitely more relaxed with the second one than I was with Hunter. It's probably just experience but I think the shock of going from no kids to having a kid was a MUCH bigger adjustment than adding a 2nd to the bunch. Of course, things are really easy right now, but either way it's easier than I expected. I find it's much easier if we get out of the house in the morning so Hunter can burn off some steam and take a gooooood nap. So, the 2nd day Maddie was home we spent 2.5 hours at the park on a play date with friends. The grocery store has been easy except that I am running out of space to put groceries! I think I may try carrying Maddie in the Bjorn next time so I can actually get more than a few bags full of groceries! Jordan on the other hand is even more protective of Maddie than he was of Hunter. I'm not sure if its the fact that she had such a tough first week and maybe he is having a hard time trusting her or that he knows how "rough and tumble" Hunter is and he is worried about her getting hurt. But, when Vivian was here we were CRACKING up at how uptight Jordan was about EVERYTHING! It's really pretty cute how protective he is of his baby girl. Can't fault him on that!

So far life with 2 is AWESOME. It's more love to go around, more snuggles, and more laughs from Jordan and me as we watch them do "their thing". Being a parent is one of the best things in the world and having these two children has been our biggest blessing to date...BY FAR!

So sweet (I should mention that Jordan was off in the corner about to have a stroke because Hunter was getting too close to Madison in this know being sick and all) haha.
I also want to give a big thanks to the grandma's, Nana and Vivi. We could NOT have done this without you! My mom (Nana) spent the 4 days I was "in labor" taking care of me and Hunter, while Jordan was in mini camp and Madison was born just in time for her to get just a few minutes of snuggle time before she had to leave. She is returning next week for a week long stay to get some good quality snuggle time with her babies and of course help me out :-) I am thinking a date night is in order next week! And Vivian came for a week right when Madison was born. She took care of Hunter for us the whole time I was in the hospital and the whole time we trekked back and forth from home to the NICU to visit Madison during her stay. She got 1 day with all of us home before she had to leave to go back and she was such a huge help to us also. Thank you both so much!

And of course my sister who came to photograph Madison last week and did SUCH an amazing job. I seriously cannot choose which ones to print and put in frames so I decided I will just make a book of all of them! You are so talented and have spoiled me rotten the past 2 years with free pics of whatever I want whenever I want! You ROCK!


Tamara said...

She is so beautiful!! Congratulations

Simpsons said...

She is so beautiful Ash! I am so happy for you guys and I cannot wait to meet her! And-Your sister's pics are AMAZING as usual! Congrats again!

Brooke said...

Stopped by to see pictures of Madison and see how she is doing! So precious! Glad you are all adjusting so well to two!