Sunday, May 9, 2010

Madison is here!

Madison Lee Black was born Monday May 3, 2010 at 4:44pm at 36w6d. She weighed 6 pounds 13.3 ounces and 20 inches long. She came into this world after probably the longest labor in history but the easiest delivery I could have possibly asked for!

This is the day before I delivered (36w5d)
I went in to the office on Thursday April 29th with contractions 3 min apart. They checked me and I was already 4cm so they sent me to L&D and after 24 hours I only moved 1.5cm (5.5cm). They couldn't help my labor along (breaking water or starting pitocin) because I was only 36w2d. They were hesitant to send me home since I was so dilated, we live 45 minutes away and my contractions were so close already but it seemed my labor was just stalled may remember this happening with Hunter too! (almost exactly the same thing). My mom immediately flew in because the OB was certain this baby was coming Thursday and my mom was going to take care of Hunter for us! So, after 24 hours in L&D I ended up just going home Friday morning and my mom took care of me and Hunter all weekend while I continued to have contractions 3 minutes apart. We were all so nervous I wouldn't make it to the hospital in time since I was already contracting 3 min apart and 5.5cm so I was PRAYING for an obvious sign for when she was coming (i.e. maybe my water breaking?) such luck.

Finally Monday morning I just had to go in because it was getting ridiculous not to mention I was very weary of labor! I needed to know what was happening as far as progress goes because the pain and pressure was only getting worse. I got to the office around 10:30 am and I was 6cm and baby was engaged. She said you are delivering this baby TODAY. I headed to L&D and got up in the room around noon...I was 7cm when I walked in. They did the admitting paper work and the doctor broke my water. When they hooked me up on the monitors my heart was going crazy very tachycardic. They hooked me up to a 3 lead EKG and I was throwing PVC's and PAC's every 30 seconds, I was getting lightheaded from the PVC's and my heart was ranging between 160-200. They called cardiology to come do a 12 lead EKG and before they even got there I told them I needed to push now! Sure enough the nurse checked me and the baby was ready to go! 1 push to get her down and 1 big push and she was out! My OB didn't even make it in time...the nurse called down the hall to one of the doctors who was standing at the nurses station (happened to be in the same practice as my OB but I had never met her). She ran in and delivered Madison just in time! It was so fast and so easy! She was so beautiful but the first thing I noticed was that she wasn't crying, which immediately had me concerned. They took her over to suction her (since she came so fast she didn't get the good suctioning that happens during birth). Meanwhile my mom and Hunter came in just minutes after she was born to see her because my mom had to leave within 30 minutes of her birth to catch her flight back home!

Seconds after she was born

Hunter came to see Madison just 10 minutes after she was born
First family picture
They got her suctioned and she let out a tiny sweet little cry. They handed her back to me to nurse but they kept saying she was either bruised in the face from the fast delivery or she was blue because she couldn't breathe. They had me nurse her for 30 minutes so they could watch her color and breathing and finally decided to call NICU to come evaluate her. They said she looked a bit blue but they didn't think there wasn't anything alarming going on she just needed a few minutes to transition. They took her up to the nursery to do her exam and when they got there she was cyanotic. They immediately rushed her to NICU where she remained for a whole week...LONGEST week of our lives.

The week Madison was in the NICU was full of so many events and answered prayers that I want to do a separate post chronicling everything that happened so I can remember this one day and never forget each and every prayer that was answered.

Back to the "cardiology issue" cardiology didn't make it in time before I delivered and I remember asking the nurse just before she my heart okay to deliver? She assured me that they could handle whatever happens. Immediately after delivery my blood pressure then shot up in addition to my heart rate which was already extremely high. The difference was all of my cardiac symptoms went away after she came and I felt great within a minute of delivery despite what the EKG was saying. Cardiology got there about 10 minutes after she was born. The 12 lead EKG said I was in Atrial fibrillation...not the case obviously since at that point I was asymptomatic and feeling pretty good! The tech said I had nice P waves and everything looked good to him so he cleared me. My blood pressure continued to rise so they did some blood work to see if I was developing pre-eclampsia. I had to stay in L&D for 5 hours (typically they keep you there an hour) to be monitored and eventually my HR and BP came down to we are not really sure what happened there!

Madison in the NICU
All in all it was such an eventful and memorable day. Sweet Madison is so precious and we are so excited to finally have her here with us and healthy! She came home from the NICU today....on Mother's day. I don't think any Mother's day will ever top that!

1 week old leaving the NICU to come home!


studentrntiffany said...

Huge Congrats!! She is beautiful!!

Heather said...

I wonder if you being in active labor so long wore you out and your heart was showing effects of the prolonged labor?


Anyway, I am so glad she is here and home with you. Congratulations to you all.

AshWad said...

She is beautiful! What an amazing story this little lady already has :) And you look amazing! Congratulations momma!

Mary Carole said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and your sweet family! Madison is absolutely beautiful and Hunter looks like he is ready to be a great big brother!

Enjoy this special time in your life!

Mary Carole Dolce :-)
from the WebMD pregnancy board during your pregnancy with Hunter and my pregnancy with Brodie.)

P.S. We definitely have the same taste in names. If my oldest daughter Hayley had been a boy we were going to use the name Hunter and my second daughter's name is Maidson...funny, huh?

meaghan briscoe said...

Yeah! So glad she is here and praise God she is healthy and home with you guys. I can't wait to meet her and am so happy for you all.