Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hanging around

The Jags started their offseason program 3 weeks ago so Hunter and I are back to being on our own in the mornings mostly. Offseason is going really well so far and this month ends with Mini camp this weekend.

Hunter and I have really enjoyed our mornings together. We spend a lot of time snuggling as we both try to wake up, we run errands or play outside and then we both go down for an afternoon nap (in our respective beds of course). Daddy gets home just in time to catch a nap (or an afternoon ride on his Harley) and then we all play together in the afternoons! We are really enjoying this last bit of time together just the 3 of us but can't WAIT till baby sis joins in on the fun!

Hunter still loooooves to snuggle
The weather is perfect this time of the year for the beach...before school lets out and it is super crowded. However, at this point, Jordan MUST go with us because Hunter is way too fast for me to chase at 9 months pregnant!
Digging holes with daddy
Hunter helping mommy make death by chocolate
We found an awesome shaved ice place and have already been at least 6 or 7 times in the last 2 weeks. Good thing its an hour round trip to get there or I would be there everyday!
We had a surprise baby shower for Madison and Hunter has been thoroughly enjoying the balloons
I know for a fact he is over the 25lb weight limit! I heard something banging into the wall and I rounded the corner to find Hunter in the swing swinging on the highest setting...something to think about when Madison is here...he knows how to change the buttons AND can climb in it...this could be a problem!
Hunter loves playing on daddy's bike. This past month he started saying a new word that we could NOT figure out..."bodysilk". We were racking our brains trying to figure out what on earth he was talking about because he always points outside when he says it. Then one day while we were outside...he pointed to the bike and said "bodysilk!!!" (bicycle) haha.
We took Hunter on his first boat ride last week on daddy's boat. He LOVED it.
Playing with his own "bodysilk"

Jordan played in a charity softball game on Saturday Jaguars against the Jacksonville fire department. It's an annual game but Jordan has never played in it before. I figured it would be pretty entertaining since he has never played softball...and they had him at shortstop! It was lots of fun and a great crowd turned out for the game.

Jordan at 2nd base

He got lots of hits!

Jordan and Hunter wrestling in the infield
The boys got to play in the firetruck after the game
and take a ride!
Hunter and his buddy Caden

The boys after the game with their daddies
And on the pregnancy front I am 9 months pregnant today! The most pregnant I have ever been :-) and I feel pretty good considering! I am still trying to figure out my body. These last 2 weeks are really the first time I have ever been pregnant and not on medications to stop contractions so I have been trying to figure out what on earth my body is doing! So far so good...I mean she is still in there right?! I do have a lot of contractions everyday and they do get about 5 min apart everyday but so far they have not gotten any closer than 5 min apart, so that is my mark...the day they get less than 5 min I will assume that is the big day! I am also really hoping when the time comes I get a VERY clear sign that "the time has come", because my day to day contractions feel no different than the day I was in labor with Hunter, only difference is my water broke with Hunter. We are hoping she will hang on for 1 more week (37 weeks) so she can be a term baby! We shall see what happens!

On a sad note...Hunter chipped his front tooth. We have NO idea how or when it happened but just found it the other day. It's just a baby tooth but still...he's going to have it for a few more years!


Jaime said...

Sounds like everyone is having a great April! Can't wait to see pictures of your princess, and her big brother on big brother duty! :)

Simpsons said...

I have missed your postings! And-I really miss you guys! We are coming to Jacksonville in October and hopefully before then as well to meet little Madison and see you guys! Hang in there and we'll talk soon!

Jes said...

To me, it looks like Hunter is starting to look a lot like your nephew, Noah. I haven't seen any pics of him lately, but he definitely reminds me of him. Love the 2 pics of him under the boat pic! Beautiful eyes! 2 out of 3 of my kids chipped their front teeth when they were little and we never knew how they did it. Their chipped tooth eventually rounded out, and it was hardly noticeable. Good luck when the new baby comes!

Rebecca said...

B chipped his front tooth too! I have NO idea how or when it happened either. I swear.....those boys are such....BOYS! lol

Devion said...

Praying for you all!