Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun new toys

I waited outside in my lawnchair on the driveway most of the afternoon today waiting on the arrival of some fun new toys, while Hunter played of course! Jordan's was delivered around 4:00pm and he quickly jumped on his and took it out for his inaugural ride. He has been patiently waiting on this bike for a few months now. He spent at least 2 months designing it, by hand. He actually drew out exactly what he wanted on paper and went to the Harley shop and presented the idea. They had never seen anything like it before and were really curious to see how it would turn out and after a month in the shop it's finally finished! Oh and they are all in love with it now! Before they delivered it they used it their annual Harley show downtown!

And my new toy came around 5:30pm, a new BOB duallie jogger stroller! I have already seen first hand the awesomeness that is the BOB because I have the single from when I had Hunter and my sis has the duallie so I knew this was exactly what I would get when I had my second kiddo. I cannot wait to take it out for a spin! BUT considering I get contractions just walking to the kitchen these days... we are gonna have to put off my inaugural spin for a few more weeks :-)

This is Jordan's Harley Fat Boy Lo. He changed a LOT from the original fat boy lo but the biggest change to the overall facade is that E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G has been changed to a flat black finish even down to the nuts and bolts and screws that hold it together. It was a very tedious process to get it to this point...because the engine and most of the other parts of the bike come in chrome and they had to change it all out or paint it if they couldn't change it. He also changed up the exhaust system, handle bars, lights (blacked those out too), seat, and wheels. Basically it's a whole different bike from how it started but he was able to use all Harley parts to do it and it still has the basic frame and overall look of the original fat boy lo.

The next 2 pictures are from the bike show

And my fun toy... I still need to install the infant car seat adapter but you get the idea :-)
So excited!


Studio S said...

I didn't know Jordan was even into bikes! And this one is quite the bike! Im so sad that you don't live here anymore and we can't go on walks together with the kiddos! Miss you lots!

Patricia said...

Okay...so Rudy is loving it and of course this doesn't help with his desires of a motorcycle:) Tell Jordan thanks!!! But really it is a really cool bike and I love love love your stroller!!!

Sarah W. said...

So awesome!!!!!
Have you ever toured the Harley factory in KC? Its free and VERY cool. We are not even Harley people, but we really enjoyed it (kids cannot go, though).
I love the stroller!!!
SOOO exciting you both got new toys :)

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Oh my - I'll have to keep Jordan's bike a secret because Chad would totally covet that! lol! Seriously though, it's gorgeous! And yay for you for getting ready for baby #2 with a jogging stroller...you live in the best place to jog year round!

Grandpa-Bob said...

Very nice bike! I rode a 65 Sportster. I know, you can't believe I'm that old! At least they named a baby stroller after me...