Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

This Easter we stayed in Jacksonville since I am getting too far along to travel. Hunter woke up Easter morning to a basket of goodies, which he thoroughly enjoyed opening. We went to early service at church and then over to some friends house for a big Easter lunch with friends, followed by an egg hunt. We had 8 adults and 8 kiddos!

The boys begging to get started on the egg hunt
Hunter quickly found some eggs hidden under the bushes
Luke McCown helping his youngest Micah (10 months) get some eggs
Aaron Kampman trying to help Hunter find an egg in the bushes

Daddy helping Hunter and Jonah find some eggs

Our group of all boys! Madison is definitely going to be in the minority!
From back left: Ben Kampman (3), Lucas Kampman (6), Jonah McCown (4)
Front Left: Micah McCown (10 months), Hunter (2), Caden Considine (2.5),
and Elijah McCown (3). Not pictured (napping) is the Kampman's youngest Eli (2)

And Hunter is done...

After the egg hunt all the boys went inside to open a few "special eggs" which had been strategically placed. The eggs helped tell the story of the death and resurrection. Luke is reading them the story while they all dive into candy :-)
Hunter quietly listening and eating as much as he can possibly fit in his mouth

Hunter showing us his green starburst

**Madison update** I had my final high risk Ob appointment this week (at 33 weeks) and I now get to graduate! I have one more week of the progesterone injections and then I start weekly OB appointments with my regular OB. I have been having lots of frequent and time-able contractions the past 2 weeks (a little deja vu of my pregnancy with Hunter) and it turns out I am making progress from them. I am already a little over 50% effaced and beginning to dilate. The shots just aren't as effective as they once were and since I am getting my last one on Monday the contractions will most likely pick up significantly in the next week. We are hoping to hold out just a few more weeks so our baby girl will be healthy enough to come home with us. According to her ultrasound measurements she weighs about 5 pounds 4 ounces and is roughly 17 inches right now (33 weeks) 75%, with super long legs (4 weeks ahead) and her head (thank the LORD) is only measuring 2 weeks ahead (Hunter's was 7 weeks ahead when he was born! OUCH!)


Jaime said...

Looks like Hunter had a great Easter. Such a handsome little boy. :)
Hoping Madison stays put for a few more weeks.

Holly said...

So glad you guys had a good Easter and had lots of friends to spend the day with. Looks like you had a lot of fun!! Still praying for you and for Madison! Will pray that she stays put for a few more weeks. Although NICU babies are AWFULLY precious ;-) I pray that she waits long enough that you are able to take her home with you RIGHT AWAY!! After all, that is the best way!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like yau'll had a great Easter! Glad to hear the update, I have been wondering how you are doing. I will be praying that things will go smoothly with you and baby Madison and she will wait a little bit longer for her arrival.

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

You're almost there Ashley - keep taking care of yourself and that baby! Can't wait to hear the news that your baby has arrived, but like you said...I'm hoping we don't hear that news for a few more weeks. :)

Sarina said...

Glad you seem to be doing well. Hope the next few weeks go well for you!