Thursday, March 25, 2010

Madison at 31 weeks

I know, I have been lazy with the updates lately. I have a lot to post about but just can't seem to get the energy to do it! Blame it on the "don't wanna's" of the 3rd trimester or the constant traveling of the past month and half...either way I've got to get a move on it!

I will start with an update on Madison. She is doing great! She has been head down now for quite a while and the bigger she gets the greater the chance is that she will stay put. She measures about 3 weeks ahead in weight and only 1 week ahead in head size (thank you LORD for that one)! She is roughly 4 1/2 pounds right now at 31 weeks. I have still been getting my weekly shots of 17p, not much has changed on that front, and I will continue to get them until I reach 36 weeks. They really seem to be doing the trick because the only time I get frequent, time-able contractions are on Sunday nights, the night before I get my weekly shot. It's always a bit of deja vu on Sunday's but it is NOTHING compared to how often I had them with Hunter so I don't even bat an eye. I just take some tylenol, drink some water and soak in the tub and within 2 hours they are gone! Otherwise I just get random harmless Braxton hicks contractions throughout the week. So, it seems the shots are really helping relax my uterus.

My last visit to the high risk OB was great as usual and I only have 1 more visit with them until I graduate! Of course that's assuming things stay on course as they have been. It has been a VERY uneventful past few months on the pregnancy front which is always good news. Madison is a movin' and a shakin' even more than I can remember Hunter doing. She has one spot on my right side that she LOVES to kick and it is completely raw and bruised! I don't mind though because with each movement it reminds me of the perfect and healthy miracle that is growing inside me!

The other night she got the hiccups for the first time, which I hear is evidence that her lungs are maturing. Since she is head down each hiccup caused her head to jam into my bladder. It was precious for about 15 minutes, but since it was 1:00am it got old pretty quick! It continued for about and hour and I couldn't sleep through them at all. Jordan got a kick out being able to actually feel her hiccup on the outside and decided to help me out a bit by trying to scare them out of her. He got really close to my belly and very loudly said "boo"! She jumped so big! Poor thing, it scared her to death! Jordan felt bad for scaring our unborn child, haha, but it did the trick and the hiccups were gone...and it was back to lala land for momma :-)

We had a 3D/4D session yesterday to get a sneak peak at Madison's face. I compared them to Hunter's pics at around the same gestational time and they look SO much alike. It looks like she has Hunter's nose (daddy's nose) and my lips... same as Hunter. We got a peak at her ears too and it looks like she has my ears (non-tachy's)...meaning she has an ear lobe :-) She already has LOTS of hair and if the old wives tail lives up I am definitely getting the associated heartburn! She looked so precious all nuzzled up. We can't wait to meet her!

Check out those lips!


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