Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We are in a stage right now with Hunter that I want to always remember. There are so many times a day that I catch myself just smiling at how absolutely precious he is. He says some of the sweetest, cutest and funniest things and I wish I could press pause right now and keep him right at this age/stage forever. Maybe this is the calm before the storm...who knows, but he is just so sweet right now. In the next month or two his little world is gonna be rocked with the arrival of his baby sister and he will have to start sharing mommy and daddy. I am so looking forward to that time because I can't wait to meet Madison but I am in no rush because she needs to cook a bit longer I am thoroughly enjoying this time with my little buddy right now.

Some of my favorite things he does right now is he "blesses" himself and others when they cough or sneeze. I will hear him from the other room cough and then say "bwess you" to himself with each cough... in the sweetest most innocent voice. He bows his head and closes his eyes during our prayers and at the end he says with great enthusiasm "A-M-E-N!" He is so polite and every time I do something for him or get something for him he says "thanks!" sometimes he will just bring me a toy to hold and as he hands it to me he says "thanks!". He says "pwease" when he asks for something like a drink or snack. And probably my favorite of all is he tells us when he is tired and wants to go to sleep. He will be playing and come up to me and say "sleep mommy?" or "nap". We walk right upstairs and he goes and crawls in his bed and pulls the covers over him and tells me night night.

He has started sleeping in a little more in the mornings. He still has his early bedtime (7:30-8:00p depending on the day) but he just loves his bed! He will wake sometime between 8:15-8:45 and I can hear him start talking to himself a little bit and I turn on the monitor and he is laying in bed playing and often times he rolls over and goes back to sleep for another 30 minutes or so. He did that this morning and I had to go in and wake him up for a play date we had at 9:30 so I could feed him and get him dressed. When he does wake up he will just play on his bed and talk to himself until I go up and get him...even if his door is unlocked! He doesn't even get off the bed to check the door he just waits there for me. Sometimes I go in his room and he looks at me and smiles and says "mommy sleep?" which means he wants me to lay and snuggle him for a few minutes.

He is still super snuggly, maybe even more so than before. He loves to come up and ask for me to scratch him which he calls "tickle". He wants each extremity plus his back scratched (just like his momma). He will lay his head down on my shoulder and sometimes he will randomly fall asleep! The other morning, he had been up for an hour or so and we had just finished breakfast and were watching cartoons and he climbed up in my lap and I started scratching him. He looked up at me and said "sleep". I didn't really think he was serious but a few minutes later he was out cold! I carried him in and put him in bed next to daddy (who was still sleeping) and he slept for another hour with daddy until they both got up around 10:00 and he still went down for his normal nap at 12:30!

He has gone through stages of things he is obsessed with and for the last 6 months or so it was all things alphabet and counting. Now that he knows his numbers and letters pretty well he is obsessed with shapes and colors. Everywhere we go he tells us what colors he sees and what shapes he finds. He shocked me the other day we were out running around and he said "octagon" and pointed to the stop sign. I don't think I have ever even used that word with him so I'm not sure where he learned it...maybe daddy taught it to him. But he knows all of his shapes and colors and instruments (thanks to little Einstein's). The other day he was doing the toddler flashcards on my iphone and a xylophone came across and he said "xylophone", I don't think I could have even told you it was a xylophone!

He also minds us so well. If I ask him to do something and he tells me "no", I say "you don't tell momma no" and he says "yes m'am" and then does it. All the while I'm thinking to myself...well that was easy. I really cannot say enough about my little buddy he is just so sweet! I need to remember to write down some of our conversations because he is at such a literal stage right and it totally cracks us up sometimes.

I will leave you with a sweet little video I took the other day of him giving Madison kisses and singing his ABC's. Melts my heart :-)



Studio S said...

Sophie crawled up on my lap to watch this vidoe and said "ah baby" when Hunter kissed your belly...maybe that's a sign that she's ready for a sis or bro! And then she wanted to watch Hunter sing like 10 times...kept saying more! My favorite letter was "G"! Too cute! I can't believe how big he's getting!

Alison said...

What a sweet little guy! G was my favorite too! Just love that face :-) He is going to be such a good big brother.

The Tenner Trio said...

Oh, my heart just melted when I read this! Such a loving, honest and humble expression of the blessing that is Hunter! I haven't even met him yet, but I believe he is one of the sweetest, most sincere and big-hearted little boy I've ever "met". I am so, so thankful you and Jordan have this precious time to spend with Hunter before another blessing comes - Madison Lee!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories with Hunter ~ It gets me looking forward to Clark at that age! You both are amazing parents, and those babies are so blessed to have you! Praying for continued good reports on the pregnancy side! Hang in there! :-)