Monday, March 1, 2010

Hunter is 2!

I cannot believe my baby is 2 years old! He has changed so much in the last year and is growing so fast. He is soooo much fun, we laugh at him and the silly things he does everyday! There is NEVER a dull moment.

He is 36.5 inches (92%), 30 pounds (73$) and his head is 20.5 (100%). He is in size 8.5 wide shoe and wears 2T clothes. He is really into cars right now. Specifically "race cars". His train obsession is definitely still there but has taken a back seat to the cars in the past few weeks. E-V-E-R-W-H-E-R-E we go he tells us every car he sees and what color it is and wether or not its a big car, police car, fire truck, tractor, big truck or race car. Who needs a DVD player in the car to keep your toddler company when they would rather give you a play by play of EVERYTHING they see. I love it and I also love a break from the same old DVD he always wants to watch in the car.

He loves sleeping in his big boy bed. He has been there about 3 months now and the transition has been super easy. He goes down still around 7:30pm and sleeps till 7:30am. He naps from 12:30-3:30 everyday in his bed and is still SUCH a good sleeper. He falls asleep, within minutes if not seconds of when his head hits the pillow, just like his momma :-) When we travel he sleeps in a big bed as well so we haven't had to lug the pack-n-play around for the past few months which has been nice!

He loves to play at pump it up, anytime we will take him, and he loves go to the little gym to play with friends on Tuesday mornings. He is still a jumper and a climber and is getting more and more brave as he attempts to jump off of things and climb up things like the counter top in the kitchen! We took down the baby gates around the time we moved him to a toddler bed, at 22 months, because he has mastered the stairs enough that we feel comfortable with him on them. Of course now that the baby gates are gone the fascination with stairs is gone so its not really an issue anymore...go figure.

He knows all of his ABC's and all of his colors and can count to 20. He loves counting things especially the stairs as he goes up and down them. He says please and thank you and I'm sorry appropriately. He can pretty much communicate anything he wants and understands just about everything we say. Takes the guess work out of meals, cartoons and toys he wants to play with. He loves new words too so we have to be REALLY careful what we say around him and the tone we use or we learn really quickly just exactly how we sound and most of all how sarcastic we can be sometimes! Although I must say hearing a toddler say something literally that was meant sarcastically is pretty funny!

He loves to watch me cook and help as much as possible. He wants to do everything we do and gets his feelings hurt if we even go to the bathroom without bringing him along! He is such a big helper and actually does help me put away dishes and throw away trash and fetch the remote or a drink or whatever. He is quite handy to have around!

He is REALLY interested in the potty and is slowly working up the courage to actually use it. He talks about it ALL DAY LONG and gets super excited if anyone else has to go potty. He has gotten as far as sitting bare bottomed on it, by his own doing, not ours, but he has yet to actually do anything on the potty. That's progress though! I will be happy if he is potty trained before his 3rd birthday, so no pushing or rushing here, we will move at whatever pace he is comfortable with.

We had his 2nd birthday in Dallas, with family and a few friends. We kept it small and had his bounce house and roller coaster set up in the garage for the kids to play with. Beekah gave him a life sized choo choo train which the kids also loved to play on and Nana and Pop gave him his first tricycle which they fought over as well. He got all of the bigger non wrapped presents before the party so they had plenty to play with when the party started. Not to mention all that he got AT the party too! He hit the toy jackpot!

Hunter had some DELICIOUS Elmo cupcakes for his party. We were just sure he would blow out the candle himself this year because he LOVES to look at fire and talk about fire and blow out "fire" (candles) but when put on the spot he just froze, staring at the fire. Haha, we waited as long as possible and then just blew it out for him.

For party favors, Hunter gave each kiddo at the party a personalized embroidered lunchbox filled with homemade sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies decorated by me, Vivi, and Jordan. Actually Jordan did most of the cookie decorating and he did a really good job! Mmm they tasted soooo great too :-)

Jim showing Hunter how to use his new gun

Kaitlyn playing with Papa Dwayne

Noah enjoying Hunter's new train and Hunter riding his tricycle

Hunter taking turns on his roller coaster

Hunter thoroughly enjoyed every last bite of his cupcake

So did his cousin!
Haha look at that face!
Such sweet faces

I love it!

Alyssa and Kaitlyn with their dad Jim

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Amber said...

Even though I was at the party its fun to see the recap. These pictures turned out so much better than mine. Glad I can steal a few for my own album. And if anyone is wondering those homemade cookies and Elmo cakes were just as amazing at they look!