Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nice Surprise

Our perinatologist gave us a nice surprise look at Madison on 3d/4d ultrasound. She looked so sweet and snuggly. The 4d (live in motion shot) was very clear but the 3d (snapshot) came out looking a bit distorted. This is the best one (or I should say the least distorted one) of her face. The bubbles are actually the umbilical cord, it was right in front her face. Her right arm was nuzzled up against her right cheek and her left arm she had tucked under her neck. She gave us a little half grin. I am 25 weeks today and she weighs 2.2 pounds. We have a full 3d/4d session scheduled at 30 weeks with my regular OB. Madison will have a little more fat on her by then and will look very similar to how she will at birth. Our 3D pictures of Hunter at 30 weeks are EXACTLY like he looked when he was born at 35 weeks. I can't wait!
Everything looked good today on ultrasound. He did a fetal fibrinectin test, which we should get the results later this afternoon. I see him again next week for a repeat ultrasound and if I "pass" again and get a negative fetal fibrinectin today then we are good to travel to Dallas next week for Hunter's 2nd birthday party!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

January Travels

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of our 2 weeks of traveling in January. Traveling for an extended period of time is a little difficult with all of the doctor appointments and home health nurse appointments I have, but one week a month I get to go a whole week without a trip to the OB so we took this opportunity to fit in a 2 week trip between visits! I had a friend give me my weekly shot while we were on the road so that my home health company wouldn't have to try to set up appointments in whatever city we were in. It was so nice to be able to get away and see lots of friends and family for a little while.

We started off the trip in Dallas. It was short but sweet. We stayed with Jordan's parents and exchanged Christmas presents with them. Hunter of course LOVED this part.

We headed to Benihana for Jordan's 30th birthday dinner with his family and the Benton's
Hunter snuggling Amber
Kaitlyn is getting so big!
We also went to dinner at my parents house one night for my mom's famous hamburgers, but I totally forgot to take pics of the event.

After 2 very short days we hopped on a plane to Houston for a week long stay. While in Houston we worked really HARD to get the house ready to go on the market and get as many things packed up and shipped to Florida that we could in 7 short days. I am so proud to say we did it all! Our house is finally on the market! I was able to ship all of our baby stuff, for Madison, and Jordan was able to finally ship his gun cases and hunting equipment along with the entire contents of all the closets and drawers in the house. We left all of our furniture and decorations and will move it after we sell the house.

We also got a chance to spend some time with friends while we were there. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Brian and Lauren had us over for dinner one night and we got to see Hunter and Sophie play. I stole these two pics from Lauren's blog. It has been a while since we have seen them and Sophie has started walking since we last saw them. It's amazing how much older babies seem once they go vertical! Hunter and Sophie played in her play room after dinner for a while. If you look closely you can see my 22 week belly :-) I have been HORRIBLE about taking belly pics. In fact this may be the first one.

Hunter is giving Sophie a sweet apology hug. He had just gotten in trouble for throwing a toy at her. He thinks everyone wants to play catch...all the time. We are working on this.
Hunter also got his first professional haircut while we were in Houston
Uncle Adam and Aunt Jaclyn drove up from Galveston one night for dinner. Hunter was so attached to Jaclyn the whole night. He was pretty much glued to her hip.

After Houston we hopped on a plane to Nashville to head to Matt and Sara's. Jordan and Matt were planning a hunting trip in Arkansas (5 hours away) and Sara and I thought it would be fun to hang together while they were gone.
Hunter 23 months and Jax 8 months
Hunter enjoyed playing with Jax but we had to keep a close eye on him...

Hunter giving Jax a hug
Which turned into an all out tackle
We had so much fun making the rounds. The only stop we didn't make was Kansas City, which hopefully we will get a chance to do before Madison comes. We are now home for another week and half before we head back to Dallas for Hunter's second birthday party and the NFL PAO weekend, which also happens to be in Dallas this year.

I will leave you with a cute picture of Hunter "driving" in Jordan's lap. He asks pretty much everyday to drive the big truck. He is obsessed. The only driving he has actually done is helping his daddy back the truck out of the driveway so I can get my car out to run errands, but he thinks it's pretty awesome!