Saturday, January 16, 2010

The change up

This morning Hunter decided to change up breakfast a bit. I usually give him cereal without milk and he eats it while watching cartoons but then he always comes over and wants bites of my cereal with milk. Imagine that, he likes cereal with milk in it :-)

Anyway, this morning I gave him dry cereal and he asked me to put milk in it. So, I gave him his own bowl, like mine, and began trying to feed it to him. I mean he eats with silver ware all the time but cereal with milk is pretty hard for the early learner so I just hadn't given him the opportunity to try for fear there would be milk EVERYWHERE. But as soon as I started trying to feed him he flat out REFUSED. So, I gave him the spoon and he did it perfectly first try. I was impressed to say the least. He ate most of the bowl, before I decided to get it on camera. In this video he is nearing the end and slowing way down so I had to kind of coerce him into eating one last bite for me. He just looks so big sitting in a normal chair, drinking out of a normal cup and feeding himself cereal. When did he go and grow up on me?



Alison said...

What a big boy!!

Holly said...

I just love all of these stories that you share!! It makes me look forward to (& sometimes prepare myself for) all of the fun & exciting things that I have to come with Addison. Hunter is just growing up so fast, I can't believe it!!!

Becky said...

So precious. He eats at about the same speed as his dad. Now Jordan will have company when the rest of us have left the table and gone to bed.

Devion said...

Here's my advice: Give him a spork (like the take and toss forks) to eat with his cereal. The excess milk drains off and it makes for a lot less mess! :)