Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Almost there

We had another ultrasound checkup today. Madison gave us a thumbs up to let us know everything is going good!

I am 23 weeks...almost to viability. A big milestone in my book, a major milestone. Things are going great so far. I have prayed from the day I got pregnant that I would not be put on bed rest during football season. I just could not imagine bed rest with a toddler and a husband who travels regularly. The day after the season ended I found out just how "literal" God really is. I started having contractions 3 minutes apart all-night-long. I did all the tricks I could and finally caved in and called the doctor. She had me come in immediately for a "problem" appointment, those are never fun. The Fetal fibrinectin was negative, praise GOD!, but cervix was shorter than before and funneling a little. Long story short I was put on "modified" bed rest that week on preterm labor watch. I prayed and prayed that things would turn for the better. It seemed like things were headed in EXACTLY the same direction as they did with Hunter, I was bummed, BUT I returned a week later and was given the ALL CLEAR, not just from my "take it easy" orders but from the pelvic rest from placenta previa too! A lot can happen in one week!

So we hopped on a plane and spent the next 2 weeks traveling to Dallas, Houston and Nashville visiting friends and family and getting our Houston house on the market. I had a few "episodes" while we were out of town but nothing that warranted a trip to L&D or a call to the doctor, because I know all the tricks and follow them through until I can get them under control. That's the difference between this pregnancy and last...I can actually get them under control!

My checkup today was perfect! Things are still looking good. It seems the 17P shots are really making a difference. I no longer have placenta previa and my cervix is long and closed...no more funneling. I go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound and a repeat fetal fibrinectin. My perinatologist doesn't like the "episodes" I have had and wants to double check things when I return. It's interesting to me how different this pregnancy is this time around. With Hunter I was constantly contracting all-day-long, every-single-day anywhere from 3 minutes apart to 10 minutes apart despite the fact that I was on medicine to stop the contractions. With this one I get an "episode" maybe once a week it lasts a few hours and I don't even flinch. Maybe it's that I trust my body more since I made it so far with Hunter despite all the activity so that with this one an episode a week seems like a blessing! Either way I am counting my blessings that things are going great and most of all that Madison looks perfect and I am vertical at week 23 and feeling good!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The change up

This morning Hunter decided to change up breakfast a bit. I usually give him cereal without milk and he eats it while watching cartoons but then he always comes over and wants bites of my cereal with milk. Imagine that, he likes cereal with milk in it :-)

Anyway, this morning I gave him dry cereal and he asked me to put milk in it. So, I gave him his own bowl, like mine, and began trying to feed it to him. I mean he eats with silver ware all the time but cereal with milk is pretty hard for the early learner so I just hadn't given him the opportunity to try for fear there would be milk EVERYWHERE. But as soon as I started trying to feed him he flat out REFUSED. So, I gave him the spoon and he did it perfectly first try. I was impressed to say the least. He ate most of the bowl, before I decided to get it on camera. In this video he is nearing the end and slowing way down so I had to kind of coerce him into eating one last bite for me. He just looks so big sitting in a normal chair, drinking out of a normal cup and feeding himself cereal. When did he go and grow up on me?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tales of the big boy bed

I have learned a few lessons while attempting nap time in a toddler bed. First, REMOVE ALL TOYS FROM ROOM. After that... you would think he would be bored out of his mind and eventually go get in bed. But it's amazing what fun can be had with empty baskets. Also, staring out the window can be an awesome time when one should be napping. Lastly, opening and closing the closet door is the most fun when it's repeat 5,722 times.

This really has been such an easy transition. At night it's PITCH black in his room so anything that could be entertaining can't be seen which results in Hunter just going right to sleep. However, the first attempt at nap time taught me that light in the room makes all the difference in the world. After the first hour of playing I finally went up there and moved him to his sister's crib which he protested big time but still went right to sleep because he was exhausted. I spent the remainder of his nap time removing all possible distractions from his room.

The second day I attempted nap time again in the big boy bed and after an hour of him playing I went and laid down with him till he went to sleep... that took all of about 60 seconds because again he was EXHAUSTED. He slept 3 hours.

Today, I put him up there and he was immediately quite, I couldn't hear him playing. So I scanned the room with the video monitor and couldn't see him ANYWHERE! Then I saw a small shadow behind the curtain of his room. He was staring out the window. I waited about 3o minutes, still didn't hear anything, so I checked the monitor again and he was still there! I waited another 30 minutes, still nothing, so I checked the monitor again and also noticed he had not moved. I opened his door pulled back the curtain and found him OUT COLD laying in front of the window. I couldn't see him on the monitor because he was behind the curtain. So I made him a pallet and walked out. So precious.

This has been so much fun. I was really dreading it, but it is just so adorable. Night time could not have been easier. He goes right to sleep and we wake up in the morning hearing him talking to the trains on his bed. When I go upstairs to get him he wants me to lay down and snuggle with him for a few minutes before heading downstairs. He is so proud of his bed and I am so proud of him.

It's hard to see because this is a picture of the video monitor but that is him curled up by the window. The curtain was over him but I moved it so he could have a semi dark room to nap in. I didn't want to risk waking him by transferring him to the bed. So I just made him a pallet.